Peper prices up high

Update: 1/23/2014

Vietnam Pepper Association ( VPA ) said , pepper inventories at the end of 2013 the less , while output is forecast to increase in 2014 not many on the other hand consumption of pepper on the market stable , may even increase , the product should present this year remains high .
VPA reason to believe the market prices of pepper will be high and stable over the years due to the amount of Vietnam pepper exports topped more than 50 % when the amount of global pepper export to Vietnam each year are likely participation to stabilize the market , prices if there is a consensus among exporting companies , pepper growers .
According to Mr. Deepak Shah , CEO and Managing Director Vietnam Spices and Seasonings Pepper parts of the company Olam Vietnam , the average annual consumption of pepper in the world increased 10000-12000 tons , questions vital sectors of pepper is to increase supply , prices will rise because if not at a level high and unbearable , at risk of substitute products .
Mr. Deepak Shah evidence , in recent years , the growth of pepper consumption has exceeded production growth . This caused the inventory volume in pepper producing countries shrinking and prices rising in the past three years .
Currently consumers tend to consume more and more and spend the next 10 years the world demand more than 450,000 tons of pepper can . 2013 , pepper production output of about 349,000 tonnes of the world , while total consumption is 342,000 tons . In 2006, pepper price was just above $ 2,000 / tonne in 2013 but has stood at around U.S. $ 7,000 / ton .
According to the company Olam Vietnam , pepper supply for the demand of the world come from countries Vietnam , Brazil , Indoensia , Malaysia . 2013 , total pepper exports 250,000 tons of water , of which Vietnam accounted for over 50 % of the world's pepper exports . 2013 , Vietnam has exported over 133,000 tonnes of pepper , or 901 million U.S. dollars , an increase of over 14 % and nearly 14 % in value compared with the same period in 2012 .
Pepper prices in recent days on market Highland provinces , Southeast ranged 146000-150000 / kg , an increase of about 20,000 VND / kg compared to May 9/2013 .
Currently pepper growing area of Vietnam is about 60,000 ha . The strength of the province pepper is the provincial South East accounts for over 50 % of the area , the Highlands than 31 % of its total area , followed by the Central Region .
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