Purple sweet potato season winning

Update: 10/2/2014

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan ( live at Tan Hung commune , Binh Tan District , Vinh Long province ) land rent reintroduction An Phu ( Phu Thinh , Tam Binh district , Vinh Long province ) with a land area of ​​1.15 hectares planted to potatoes purple sweet . In 2 Days 3 , 4/2 , he harvested potatoes and Compliance is seen as a huge success when purchased , middle part .
The pictures by Duong Thu correspondent recorded on purple sweet potato soup is winter harvest Nguyen Van Tuan :
Purple sweet potato price continued to rise for several days , price of the farmers ( farm gate chips ) in front of the Chinese New Year is the 9000-9500 winter 2014 / kg , but Nguyen Van Tuan was sold at VND 12,000 / kg .
Is said: " The reason sharp increase in the price of potatoes this time due to flood season looks sweet potatoes ( sweet potatoes during harvest new 6 months ) only potatoes grown on high lands , have levees , so the number of term mode , not mass as in other seasons should suck every price increase " .
Currently , Tan Binh District ( Vinh Long province ) is one of the districts with purple yam growing area most of the Mekong Delta . According to the District Agriculture and Rural Development Department , for the period ending 10/ 2013 the district was down 7.232ha yam varieties .
"The problem in agriculture today is the most disturbed market yam consumption depends heavily on China . So if people see a massive increase in , and the Chinese market is not " eat " again will certainly potato " swapped " fallen " .
Time each day 1 container companies purple sweet potato production to China , with the price of 16,500 VND / kg , an increase of over 2,000 VND / kg compared with the previous month . " Not only China but many countries like Singapore , Malaysia also needs to send orders . Due to high demand , the company has also increased the purchase price of farmers from 13,000 VND to 15,000 VND / kg, 1 sweet potato kind heart . "
Not only that fresh potato products after processing , such as potato starch , dried sweet potatoes ... markets are also in demand. Representative Company Limited Export Benefits ( Ho Chi Minh City ) said the company is required to buy sweet potato starch with an unlimited number of exports to Taiwan , South Korea . Currently starch prices are from 800-900 USD / ton depending on the market .
Duong Thu / Report Vinh Long
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