Ha Tinh : Vegetables and fruits greening " the death desert

Update: 10/2/2014

With over 150 hectares of barren land which centuries of coastal residents watch as Van Thach desert , far from the white sand beaches that sprouted green vegetable fields .
Their land back
Coasts Van Thach Commune , Thach Ha district ( Ha Tinh ) is exposed to the seaside with the " abdominal bloating bulge " white , summer can burn the feet go , to all the wild plants could not live well , that was present on the white sands fields to grow vegetables rich . With the pioneering forefront reach biotechnological applications in agriculture on sandy soil of fallow Minerals Corporation and Ha Tinh Trade ( Mitraco Ha Tinh ) , through which the engineers of the General the company in collaboration with DARD Ha Tinh with partners Finepon company Limited ( Hong Kong ) has conducted trials of model vegetable fruit on the coastal land uncultivated Van Thach . This is a new direction can produce profound effects and long -term residents .
The project officially launched in January with 4 10.2013 trees : white radish , cabbage , Chinese cabbage , tomatoes . In winter this year conducted planted 14 trees including cabbage and turnips were harvested . Yield of 30-32 tons / ha . According to Mr. Lam Bien Minh City - agriculture experts from the China - Direct technical support , said: " This type infertile sandy soils are suitable for growing turnips . With initial testing model shows the growth rate and yield stability . Due to seasonal weather changes should use a rotation method to increase the service , the highest yield . "
Viewed as die area , many locals do not believe it when I saw the green vegetables on a strip of white sand . Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha ( 40 ) Ha Tinh Mitraco workers , said: " This land plants could not live that far successfully grow vegetables and high harvest vegetables and fruits is a true miracle " .
Source: Phan Dương - Lam Khê/ Dân Việt -
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