Star apple prices fell sharply after Tet

Update: 2/21/2014

Currently, breast milk price in the Delta reduced from 5-6 times the price of the first case . Mr. Ho Van Pick , Loi A Long hamlet , Phuoc Dong commune ( Chau Thanh , Hau Giang ) has nearly 1 ha Lo Ren star apples sold at VND 6,000 / kg to know : From September to December 11/2013 , prices breast milk sold up to 40,000 VND / kg , reduced access to over 15,000 New Year / kg , and after New Year so far kept prices plummeted .
Collect He adds : Before Tet he sold nearly 10 tonnes of breast milk over 200 million interest . But breast milk price volatility itself downward , he felt nervous. Currently, his garden harvest breast milk lasts longer than 2 months .
Also Nguyen Van Ut , Long Thanh commune ( Phung Hiep , Hau Giang ) 1.5 ha breast milk sells for 7,000 VND / kg also ruefully , just to spend the cost of hiring labor , fertilizer, insecticides which kept prices fell this then make no profit .
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