Production of disease-free seed of potatoes

Update: 2/21/2014

The time to enter Vietnam every year thousands of tons of seed potatoes from the Netherlands , Germany , Australia , not to mention up to 70 % of seeds were imported using mostly informal way , of poor quality .
Whereas potato production system in the country under the project "Research and development of complete production technology of processing potato seed tubers derived from tissue culture technology combined with aeroponic technology " by the scientists from the Institute of agricultural Biotechnology , agricultural University of Hanoi can proceed for about 2 million root tubers each year , 150 tons of pure breeds and 1000-1200 tonnes of certified seed quality imported equivalent .
The project is being implemented not only reduces costs but also promises to boost potato production sector towards commodities .
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thach , Chairman of the Scientific Council, Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology , Hanoi Agricultural University , said the study results confirmed that the organization of production in places like tuber disease is workable , and processes have been proposed . The goal of the project is the premise for the formation of seed potato production system disease in Vietnam .
On the basis of technology has been completed and successfully transferred , the proposed project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development established potato breeding program , contributing to the development of a proactive SX and sustainable .
After nearly 2 years of implementation , the project has obtained positive results . As of May 6/2013 , scientists have been selected potato varieties suitable for processing . It is these same Atlantic , Megechip , Beacon chipper . Dry matter content of the same from 21-23 % , starch from 18-21 % , reducing sugar from 0.025 to 0.035 % , consistent with the standard for processing .
Just in time , the project team has found the best conditions for sterilization potato sprouts , background most suitable environment for the growth of germ samples , the processing conditions tubers , aged maple for the disposal of the bulbs ...
Scientists have conducted surveys to determine the isolated potato tuber production and the most appropriate choice of Que Vo district , Bac Ninh . This area has natural conditions suitable for potatoes , abundant human resources , with experience in production .
In particular , this local has a clear policy direction for the development of potato production in the direction of general merchandise , the processing industry and a particular focus on building good seed production system .
With the SX model tubers super pure , pure and certified seed potato processing has been built , the project team has developed applications on actual results . The results were very positive with 9.8 lakh seedlings root tubers serve SX ultra pure ; 1 million bulbs mini bulbs disease for foundation seed production , 90 tonnes of foundation seed tubers for seed tuber production levels identified received ; 200 tons of certified seed tubers was born.
Institute of Agricultural Biology , said: With the ability to contribute to addressing the pressing needs of the many varieties of potatoes at local seed potato production technology of this disease has attracted attention , much of the claim form research , SX as the DOST , Lang Son , Thai Binh Seed Centre Quang Ninh ... this time the unit is waiting for the technology transfer .
In addition to local businesses as Tan Cuong Co. , Ltd Dalat GAP , ORION Company is proposing to coordinate production of potato seed tubers business processing . Initially, the project was selected and Tan Cuong Co. Ltd Dalat GAP as a member of the project .
According to calculations of scientists , after solving the needs of seed potatoes will become the main crop in winter in the northern delta and commodity production is an important industry .
With true potential can reach 200,000 ha , yield 15 tonnes / ha , within 3 months of the short winter was able to get 3 million tonnes of tubers .
In the long run , this food will boost potato production industry catering to merchandise processing industry , to keep potato plants are strategically important in the structure of winter crops in Vietnam .
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