Plantation of bamboo shoots in Da Nang

Update: 2/22/2014

Bamboo shoots have contributed to poverty reduction Co Tu ethnic people in mountainous Hoa Bac Commune , Hoa Vang District , Da Nang . After 3 years of intensive harvesting bamboo shoots from 20-30 tonnes / ha / year . Priced at 4000-8000 dong / kg, 1 hectare income of about 80-240 million VND / year .

Boldly conversion
Mr. Le Van Hai , technicians agro-forestry Extension Center , said Danang , Dien Truc bamboo shoots are taken from the 2003 pilot plant at 3 Hoa Ninh Commune , Hoa Phu , Hoa Bac ( Hoa Vang ) with area of ​​15 ha .
By 2010 , implement the national target program on building NTM period 2010-2020 , with the support of agro-forestry Extension Center Da Nang ( central funding and local ) support 100 % tree seeds, fertilizers were replicated bamboo shoots in 2 villages Intuitive Ta Lang and ammunition were also up 4.2 ha ( 500 ha per stem ) . This is the second village of Hoa Bac poor , mainly ethnic Tu live.
Earlier, bamboo shoots model Intuitive pilot plant in 2 villages with an area of ​​2 stars . But due to farming practices of mountain people often buffalo grazing upland in the network should be destroyed , yet highly effective . Withdrawal of previous experience , in collaboration with the Center Farmers Association Hoa Bac garden fence mobilize people not buffalo grazing at night , virtually no destructive shifting cultivation , after 3 years of planting visible effect .
Many households out of poverty by Truc area network
To date , more than 60 households out of 208 households in two rural ethnic Tu Ta Lang , bamboo shoots slowly being performed live , on average, each household has grown from a few perch over 1 ha each year for significant income .
Easy care , high profit
Mr. Nguyen Cuu Africa ( Ta Lang village ) in 2010 , said his family planted only 30 original bamboo shoots Intuitive trial , found more than 2 years should plant more efficiently original 270 . According to him , after a period of care , tracking the growth and development of children performed live to see this plant in accordance with climatic conditions , local land .
 Bamboo shoots grow and develop well , not that appear strange insect . Most of the bamboo area residents have a high survival rate of over 90 % , reaching a height bamboo 2-3 m . We have about 85 % of the shoot and root development of 1-3 bamboo .
Leads us to the plantation of bamboo shoots his longtime , Do Tien he confessed : " In 2003, I planted 70 original trials , planted in 2007 to the original 80 , that is easy to grow and care should be propagation of bamboo garden original as his current 400 . The first year I planted shaping , 2nd year for harvesting fortune ( not officially ) for bamboo to grow new trees , then to the 3rd year for mass harvesting " .
With over 400 original Carry each year he harvested about 16-24 tons of cement / year , an average of 40-60 kg cement / bamboo root / year . When the price of 4000-8000 VND / kg for income between 64-190 million VND / year . In addition to selling bamboo shoots his seed extract 's Progress was sold to Seed Company in Dong Giang ( Quang Nam ) and Farm Hai Van ( Da Nang ) . Every year he 's extracted around 3000-5000 seedlings depending on market demand .
According to him , in the network are easy to sell because supply always below the market demand was to take place traders purchasing . On the other hand , if it shoots out unseasonal higher price from 8000-10000 VND / kg . Cement consumption market in Danang quite stable , harvest sold very fast , no major drop status .
Write Vy Do , chairman Hoa Bac Farmer said:
" At the Co Tu people excited , elated when Intuitive bamboo shoots have high economic values ​​contribute to poverty reduction , 1 crop harvested several times , cement products can be processed from a variety of fresh shoots , dried bamboo shoots , boiled bamboo shoots ... consumer market advantages in Quang Nam , Da Nang " .
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