Control cultivation of cassava

Update: 2/22/2014

Recently, the price of wheat ( cassava ) are stable at high , wheat growers should be profitable wheat acreage increased continuously in Binh Dinh , planning break .
Concerned recur cassava deforestation , land degradation , Binh Dinh has decided to put wheat plant under control .
Area skyrocket
Oriented , 2020 cassava production area in Binh Dinh province reached 10,000 ha new . In particular , the planning of raw cassava steady intensification of 4,400 hectares , served raw material for the processing plant cassava exports . Regional Wheat concentrated material in the area built in 3 districts 21 : Phu My , Tay Son and Phu Cat . Besides reducing wheat acreage on land cultivation , land with slopes over 15 degrees .
However, now that the new wheat area has increased to over 13,000 hectares , concentrated in the districts of Van Canh , Phu Cat , Phu My , Tay Son , Vinh Thanh , An Aging . According to the interpretation of the local authorities , caused by this plant is easy to grow , low cost investment , output stable product . With current wheat yields ranging from 25-30 tons / ha , sold at prices ranging from 1.5 to 1.7 million VND / ton , farmers earn from 40-50 million VND / ha , excluding interest expense also approximately 30 million . This is the high level of interest in terms of agricultural prices as current precarious .
All land cultivation , deforestation sneaky people to grow wheat . This is the most pungent of the local development piece on wheat area in recent times .
" The massive development of this plant will lead to the risk of degraded land . The wheat planted area is difficult to grow other crops . To mitigate this situation , the provincial agriculture has instructed local guide farmers to comply with the planning of crop production land has been approved by the province .
At the same time , develop the model cassava intercropped upland crops such as peanuts , sesame , soy ... to improve soil , increase economic efficiency . Conversion of land planted wheat on upland soils on slopes of 15 degrees to the planting of fruit trees , crops or plantation forests , in order to increase economic efficiency and environmental protection ... " , he Ho Ngoc Hung , Deputy Director of Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said .
Growing wheat environmentally friendly
In early 2014 , the People's Committee of Binh Dinh Province has organized missions to examine the situation of cassava production and business activities of the Corporation CBTBSXK Binh Dinh . At Phu Cat district , working groups have been planting wheat practical approach towards sustainable , environmentally friendly . Si Phan Hung , Deputy Agriculture and Rural Development Phu Cat district , said: " Improving the efficiency of production on a unit area , which spread the wheat planting is one of the important solutions in the construction the wheat materials in a sustainable manner . Many households have planted peanuts profitable wheat cents higher than 2-3 times the peanut crop rotation - wheat , 3.5 times higher than pure wheat planting . There are also household use probiotics for wheat plants to reduce the amount of fertilizer , pest limited , reducing investment costs , land improvement " .
Mr. Phan Trong Ho, Director of Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said : The replication of peanut intercropped with cassava and construction investment areas spread the bread ingredients are needed . To do that , the company needs to Binh Dinh CBTBSXK issued SX and investment policies to ensure all product purchase price equal to or higher than wheat harvest season . Thus farmers can confidently invest in new production and sticking with the business.
Mr. Le Van Tam , Director CBTBSXK Binh Dinh Joint Stock Company , said: " 2014 , the company plans production of 22,000 tons . To accomplish this goal , the company encourages people SX high-yield varieties of wheat yield and high starch content , and contracting principles and sale of products for farmers with 1.5 million floor price / ton of fresh cassava at the plant , reaching 30 % starch content . Company is investing in improving plant capacity doubled , from 60 tons to 120 tons / day ; investment system dry pulp drying line , to ensure processing of all waste residue out , a good deal about the environment and increase business efficiency . "
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