Presentation of certificates for 4 VietGAP vegetable products

Update: 2/24/2014

Last weekend , project management Tien Giang province QSEAP conference VietGAP awarded certificates for 4 fruit and vegetable products in 2013 and plans to deploy certificates VietGAP 2014.
2013 , Tien Giang Extension Center in collaboration with the Quality Management Department agro-forestry and fishery models built 30 safe vegetable production . On this basis , project management QSEAP infrastructure investment , consulting and guiding farmers to produce according VietGAP and Certification Company Vietcert share certificates awarded , consisting of : 10 hectares of durian 40 HH Ngu Hiep commune , Cai Lay district , 15 hectares of dragon of 45 households in An Tinh commune U.S. , Cho Gao district , 6.4 ha sa - po Wear North , Kim Son commune , Chau Thanh District , 15.2 ha of 62 vegetables safe vegetable cooperative members and TX Cong Hoa Thuan safe vegetable cooperative .
Through evaluation , 100 % of households participate in fruit and vegetable production model known VietGAP record production diary , positive improvements in infrastructure investment for production , higher production efficiency from 10 to 15% with traditional production methods before ..
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