Growing chilli up to VietGap standards

Update: 2/25/2014

 The farmers in 13 villages , of Long Huu Duyen Hai District ( Tra Vinh ) implementation model Long Dinh planted 3 peppers (also known as black pepper red horns ) VietGap standards are very excited because the season is price .
Currently , the price of pepper is a limited liability company Annam purchase 10,000 VND / kg , pepper farmers made ​​a profit of more than 300 million VND / ha .
From the success of the model , the upcoming Limited Liability Company An Nam will continue to contract with farmers in need in Long Huu commune to expand the area to ensure there are enough materials for supply company for domestic and foreign markets .
Mr. Pham Van Vu , participating farmers planted peppers in the incubation model 13 , of Long Huu said , from 11/ 2013 through the Commune Farmers' Association , he along with 14 farmers in the village pilot plant registration the 9.5 ha peppers like Long VietGap 3 standard , by limited Liability company An Nam Farmers' Association in collaboration with communal done .
Join model , farmers are signing and sale of products at the market price , the market circumstances chilli prices low while ensuring the company purchased for $ 5,000 VND / kg .
Along with product consumption , farmers are technicians Institute of Southern fruit tree care and technical guidance from time to until harvest .
Limited Liability Company An Nam also support seed investment cost of fertilizer, plant protection , agricultural mulch until the new harvest peppers refund .
Kha Phan Huu , Director of Limited Liability Company An Nam said , the cost of fertilizer, plant protection , agricultural mulch , planting peppers 1.000m2 nearly 4 million.
3 The Long pepper plant only 2.5 months during the harvest begins and lasts for 60 days . Advantages of Long Dinh pepper 3 is left is to reach a weight of about 50 left / kg , the lowest yield achieved peppers 30 tons / ha .
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