Binh Thuan got bìg win with early anchovy season

Update: 2/27/2014

VINAGRI News - From the beginning of the month 2/2014 to present, Binh Thuan fishermen caught anchovies bumper season . After each voyage , boat operators are at least 2-3 tons of fish , more boats up to ten tons .
Anchovy fishermen harvest early . ( Photo: VNA )
This is a good sign for the catches of seafood this year , Binh Thuan fishermen .
At the busiest harbor boat dock , on the banks of the busiest people who buy and sell semi-processed fish workers . Only on the banks of the labor force has also today to hundreds of people, mostly women carrying semi-processed fish and fish processing facilities .
Binh Thuan has two main ports are Port La Gi and Phan Thiet . Every day there are a few dozen boats carrying hundreds of tonnes of anchovy landed . According to traders , the price of anchovies from 15000-18000 VND / kg average per vessel voyage revenue of about 80 million.
According to local fishermen , after extraction anchovies preserved in granular salt and ice , put on board of the vessel until the vessel docked , usually about 10 days , sometimes longer for secondary exploitation of fish . With the small vessels , onshore mining product is brought to shore in the day .
Then anchovies are specialized in manufacturing business owners carry items into buildings, through several stages of cleaning , the fish was brought to the oven and then dried ( sunny if possible) or move through the kiln ( the bad weather ) for pre-processing .
Not only exploit people exuberantly that even the idle workers are also more stable source of income at the time of winning anchovies bold . Careers steamed and dried anchovies in Phan Thiet also busier , many traders to buy for export to other countries .
According to the evaluation , quality anchovies Phan Thiet meet demanding requirements of many countries . / .
Nguyen Thanh / VNA -
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