Vietnam Fisheries festival will take place in April 2014

Update: 2/27/2014

With funding of the National Agricultural Extension Center , beginning 4/ 2014 General Fisheries will hold a forum " measures to improve the efficiency of exploitation of tuna " .
This is one of the main activities of the Vietnam Seafood Festival 2014 in Phu Yen . The forum will provide an opportunity for fishermen to be exchanged , discussions , dialogue with the owners of sale , business enterprises , processing , import and export of tuna , scientists , managers , from measures that seek to improve quality , reduce post-harvest losses , enhance the value of mining products for processing , consumption and export of tuna .
Tuna fishing in Phu Yen was formed in 1994 , derived from the fishermen and shark fishing shark fishing in the sea village of Phu Cau Ward 6 , Tuy Hoa city . This is where the formation and development of tuna fishing in the country soon .
From inception to date , tuna fishing is improving constantly and increasingly being equipped with all the modern machinery , equipment and boats . Production of tuna exploitation is always higher year after year , this is also the local leader of the country always yield the traditional tuna longline .
Tuna has been identified as one of the seafood export staple of Vietnam , the value of tuna exports to No. 3 after shrimp and catfish . In 2008, only tuna exports reached nearly $ 189 million , by 2012 , reaching more than 569 million USD in 2013 , although difficult , but tuna export turnover has reached 526 million.
Fishing tuna development has contributed to job creation , income growth , significantly improved life for thousands of workers in the coastal provinces , especially the 3 provinces of Phu Yen , Binh Dinh , Khanh Hoa .
However, the exploitation of tuna over the years developers have not really sustainable . Catching , processing and consumption of tuna , particularly the development of ocean tuna fishing by hand combined with light was difficult , the number of fishing vessels and tuna production but increased fast , but the quality and value of tuna products decreased .
Especially the product structure of high value tuna is eaten sashimi is low , consumption constraints , reducing production efficiency , more ships , more fishing trips produce a loss . Vietnam tuna brands more or less affected , reducing their competitiveness on export markets ...
The organization of the forum " Improving the efficiency of exploitation of tuna " will help raise awareness fishermen and their apparent role in improving quality and reducing post-harvest losses in mining and storage products on board .
Raising awareness and the role of institutions purchasing, processing enterprises , the export business in encouraging farmers to apply measures to improve product quality and share the benefits with fishermen fishing tuna . Scientists and management , enterprise capture needs of fishermen in the mining , purchasing , processing and consumption of tuna products .
Hopefully , the state agency authorized to develop mechanisms and policies and implement solutions to support fishermen , businesses to improve productivity , quality and efficiency of tuna products in the direction sustainable development .
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