Krong Bong District ( Dak Lak ) : Area watermelon soar

Update: 6/3/2014

VINAGRI News - 2013 , Krong Bong district on just over 40 hectares planted watermelons , due to favorable weather , watermelon high yield , besides the market price is quite high from 7,000-8,000 dong / kg , on average watermelon farmers collecting interest from 200-250 million / ha . In particular , at the end of the year , demand increased significantly watermelon , watermelon prices up from 10,000-12,000 VND / kg , watermelon grower interest income from 250-300 million / ha .
Because the profitability of this crop to bring people in 2013 , entered into in 2014 , many farmers in the district rushed to plant watermelon , raising crops area more than 113 ha , of which mainly concentrated in the communes of Hoa Tan , Ea Trul , Yang Reh , Hoa Le. Facing rising watermelon area ,
District Agriculture timely inspection and assessment of the quality of seed crops of this kind . Up to the present time , there are 116 households to plant watermelon in the district in which the household is only 33 people in the district , the rest are in Cu Kuin and other provinces to rent cultivated land . Like melons are produced in this phase mainly watermelon varieties : An injection 95 , 386 and TM10 TN .
Through verification by quality melon farmers buy shows like watermelon eating watermelon seed TN 95 and 386 have a clear origin , watermelon seed TM10 private undetermined origin .
Source: Tuan Phan / Dak Lak News
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