The effectiveness of the model plant grafted tomato greenhouse

Update: 6/3/2014

VINAGRI News - So far , after 3 months of deployment , the grafted plant models in the grid infrastructure Economic Chamber Cu Kuin ( Dak Lak province ) in rural New construction , Hoa Hiep commune initially showed effective very practical results .
His family in rural New Ngo Van Son , Hoa Hiep Commune ( Cu Kuin ) was selected as demonstration models point to growing tomatoes in a greenhouse transplants . Join models , paints his family supported to invest 23 million to build the network to ensure the safety cover techniques for tomato growth and development .
After that , he conducted Son planted 1,000 tomato grafting on Ala imported from Dalat area of 600m2 . Do you comply with the instructions of the extension staff should achieve 100 % survival rate .
Was grown from 16-11-2013 , after about two and a half months , starting tomato plants harvested fortune . So far after 3 months of deployment models , paints his family have harvested over 2 tons of tomatoes . Because it is grown in a greenhouse , to be technically correct care so little tomato plant pests and diseases , yield , quality , average selling price from 10,000-12,000 VND / kg , especially on the occasion of Tet at price up to 14.000d/kg tomatoes .
He paints estimate , from time put into planting tomato plants until the new age replacement time of 3.5 - May 4 , 1000 with his family tree tomato harvest tomatoes over 5 tons ; minus estimated costs his family has property interests on 7 million per month . This is much higher income levels than other planting vegetables and no nets . From this success , he paints upcoming family continue to maintain and expand the area planted tomatoes in a greenhouse .
Mr. Vu Thanh Hung , Head of Infrastructure Economics Cu Kuin said : Although the pattern of tomato seedlings grown in a greenhouse newly deployed pilot plant in the district but had very positive results . Through follow-up showed that the grafted tree because the tree grid should cover health , good growth and development , disease resistant types of weather climate as bacterial wilt , leaf curl disease caused .
From the results of the actual model , 2014, the district infrastructure Economic Chamber will continue to implement the project replication grafted tomato plant in a greenhouse in the district , contributing to restructuring crops , improve quality and efficiency in agricultural production development of the people in the area .
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