Growing mushrooms

Update: 6/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Shiitake mushrooms are probably the best in the fungus and usually only in the luxurious banquet . In the past, very rare mushrooms , one must go to find and harvest the forest in cold areas . But now , mushroom cultivation has been held in many places .
In one , mushrooms are also grown in the guidance northern mountainous provinces and Da Lat . Shiitake mushrooms also called her or shiitake . It is the mushroom popular cool climate of the temperate zone . With current technology , mushrooms can be grown on sawdust or wood on the body .
Mushroom growing process similar to wood ear but planted incubation period lasts more fiber . With cooperatives or large family -style production industry , we can then use sawdust for mushroom cultivation .
But most people should just grow mushrooms on wooden trunk . I can not choose the type of wood oils , no toxic pest and fungus to grow . Note , there is fresh wood . I chose the straight piece of wood , with a diameter of 10 - 20cm and cut into lengths 1-1.2 m . I put wood into the cool , clean and put in 7-10 days to remove the resin flow . We use lime water features and scan the 2 top spots scrapes to prevent intrusion of wild mushroom logs . After 1 week , we take the log out to inoculation .
We use dedicated hammer to punch . Each hole must 2-2.5 cm deep . The hole in the trunk 15 - 20cm apart in rows and rows of 7 - 10cm apart . I arranged for the staggered holes together . I just tucked into the new hole perforated . Insert until recently , we took the cutting ( by punch that turned out ) to spread up and down as firmly riveted . Then dilute the cement used to seal sweep up hole .
I put the logs were seeded at home or in a cool place . I put it into piles , to 1.5 m high . Then , we use the young wet sacks to cover up . Every day , spray more water for sacks always moist but not spray directly on the wood pile . The I 2 months 1 times ranged timber .
Until the logs on the surface of the bump and crack up the signal mushrooms start to grow out . Mushrooms will grow to encroach logs all sides . I collected gradually over 2-3 years . Yield can reach 25 - 30kg kho/1m3 wood mushrooms .
The cold climates should think about growing mushrooms .
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