Big chilli harvest

Update: 7/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Despite harsh weather , but this year farmers Dien ( Quang Nam ) pretty bold exuberance for winning chili for spring .
Dien Ban district peppers planted on 450 hectares . New early harvest , but the joy , the laughter of straw yellow pepper growers in the top end of the village lane . With rides of traders from other places to buy and transport peppers here .
As stated , many growers of peppers in Dien Ban , this is the season for chili since 2004 to present . Unlike previous years , the peppers grown in many ways " chagrin " by China pepper fields wither, die , this year , many households have moved through planting and green chili peppers Korea mainly. Wandering around Dien Quang commune , Phong Dien ( Dien ) , many houses springing up better off by planting vegetables , including peppers . And waste land shrinking , instead of the endless blue corn , potatoes , peppers .
Currently, fresh peppers price from 14,000 to 16,000 VND / kg , 3 times higher than the previous year . Each pole of 1 ton harvest peppers , and average household income of 10 to 15 million dong / sao . Nguyen Thi Bong ( residence in Phu Dong village , Dien Quang ) cheerfully : " This year is chili season , the price , this conviction as to encourage farmers planted peppers . Since a few years ago , peppers losing season , accompanied by pests, and then fell . Income from pole three peppers , I intend to buy a few more cows to make some capital , raising children to school " .
Not only Dien Ban district , these days the bowl of chili Duy Xuyen district , voices , hearts rejoice when peppers are spread throughout the season field peppers . Duy Chau Commune , Duy Xuyen District , Quang Nam Province planted peppers with area 42 ha , yield 30 tonnes / ha , mainly South Korea and green chili peppers .
Ms. Le Thi Chin ( stay at Duy Chau , Duy Xuyen , Quang Nam ) , said: " Although the price peppers this year , but we do not think of the expansion area . Since not every year , season as well this year , and sometimes crops or livestock are also potential risks unpredictable . I 'd rather " eat 'm wearing durable " public service or that service , rather than thinking of expanding the area do not dare . "
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