Quang Ninh Agriculture specialty : Purple sugar cane

Update: 7/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Sugar Land mines purple concentrated mainly in four districts of Bo Huang , Hai Ha , Dam Ha and Ba Che . Typical of Quang Ninh purple cane is short internodes , and even started eating soft surface that other similar products do not have .
Purple Cane plant is considered poverty reduction and restructuring the tree for the object of economic inefficiency . If the average investment level 70-80 million VND / ha , the total revenue of about 150 million VND / ha of sugarcane growers profit could reach 80 million VND / ha ( good intensive turnover of 300 million VND / ha ) .
However, the distinction between Quang Ninh cane purple violet with other types of sugar cane on the market today are not so clear brand for sugar cane land mines still faint . To ensure the quality and credibility of the product to consumers , the project " Creation , management and brand development exercise Quang Ninh purple cane for cane purple product of the district of Hai Ha , Dam Ha , Hoang Bo and Ba close , Quang Ninh province " was approved by the provincial People's Committee Decision No. 3498/QD-UBND dated 27.12.2012 .
To register for the brand, need a collective organization of the business can be hosts collective trademarked purple cane Quang Ninh should SX & Dealers Association of Quang Ninh purple cane was established under Decision No. 1892/QD- People's Committee dated 29.07.2013 . The Association has 193 members , the First Congress of the 2013-2017 term of units held on 08.24.2013 has elected Executive Committee consists of 15 members to the Assembly approved the charter .
In the framework of the project , for the development of production , the model cane nurseries and commercial sugarcane varieties have been developed and attracted the attention of many households . The project organizes training courses on technical processes and intellectual property for the sugarcane growers in 4 districts of Hai Ha , Dam Ha , Hoang Bo , Ba Che . In addition, the project also included 40 members of sugarcane opportunity to visit the Cao Phong district , Hoa Binh province to study , enhance business capabilities .
A pre-processing zones purple cane was built in Hai Ha district machinery to serve the cane cut , vacuum packaged . The development of markets for products are gradually being implemented , notably as exhibitors with products cut sugar cane vacuum packaged , canned cut sugar cane .
The project has cupping conference , convention clients ... attracted the attention of numerous consumers . Those who are interested in Quang Ninh specialty sugar cane can relate more with Mr. Kim Van Chien , Chairman & KD SX purple cane through some Quang Ninh Tel : 0,913,263,113 . Address: Village 5 , Quang Chinh , Hai Ha district , Quang Ninh Province .
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