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Update: 7/3/2014

VINAGRI News - In the past years , arrowroot plant has become a new type of agricultural commodity and attractive to farmers in Dien Bien province .
Not only in the production of arrowroot district tradition as Dien Bien , Bien Phu TP.Dien , but now this plant also thrives in other districts as Dien Bien Dong , Muong Cha , Nam Po ... with an area of thousand ha .
Mr. Lo Van Pang - all arrowroot production facility in Na Tau commune , Dien Bien district said : About 3-4 years ago , the area and production of arrowroot plant in Na Tau Commune increased 10-fold with the previous year . Sell ​​fresh arrowroot tubers help farmers to earn more than 2 times higher than maize , cassava is very eager to people .
Although in 2013 , the product has the lowest compared with previous years , the income remained fairly than corn . Dozens facility acquisition, processing arrowroot was also born, create more jobs for people of ethnic minorities . According to Mr. Lo Van Leaning - Na Tau People's Committee Chairman , arrowroot plant a tree was spearheaded by farmers with Na Tau is on 500ha area .
A few years ago the price , relative to revenue over 30 billion from the sale of fresh arrowroot so everyone was excited . Hopefully 2014 and prices arrowroot arrowroot quite reach , helping people eliminate poverty , enrichment .
Arrowroot carrying bags from the motor to the scales , the couple Gold A Long - Giang Thi Co ( the DOM Hua , Na Tau commune , Dien Bien district ) happily said : " More than 100 households in the plant which also arrowroot . Harvested is sold immediately , do not worry about storage and drying costs , as drying corn , cassava .
This year the price is only 1/3 compared with the previous year but still more cassava , maize should not give anyone the arrowroot plant . " However, according to Mr. Lo Van Pang , the cultivation and processing of arrowroot in Dien Bien now also take into account the factors . It is strengthening to find buyers for products arrowroot ; processing facilities have to consider environmental factors , water and tried to open the base powder processing line products such as sorghum , as animal feed , fertilizer products from arrowroot ...
" There are so, arrowroot new tree stand and continue development on land Dien Bien " - Mr Pang said .
Thanh Tam / Vietnamese People -
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