Tien Giang : price of coconut for water increase

Update: 10/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Today, coconut water rose from 50000-55000 copper / dozen to 65000-70000 copper / dozen . Prices of coconut water continues to rise in the near future.
Drinking coconut water cause price increases are due to the dry season , the temperature increase over the previous , beverage coconut water demand increases.
The area planted to coconut water is rapidly growing in Tan My Chanh , My Room , Dao Thanh (Ho My Tho ) and the neighboring commune of Cho Gao district , the area is slowly replacing inefficient rice cultivation .
Farmers often planted coconut red Siamese by sweet fruit , high yield . 1 Average of coconut in 20 days to harvest about 2 million, while the low -cost care .
M.T / Ap Bac news
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