" Rejuvenating " cashew for improving productivity

Update: 10/3/2014

VINAGRI News - Binh Phuoc is the capital of this tree , but in recent years it decreased productivity , an area of ​​large old trees . " Rejuvenation " solution tree that is necessary to maintain the area , improve productivity and income for cashew growers to ensure the sustainable development of this sector of the province .
Bud grafting " rejuvenate " the orchard farmers are being applied so many advantages . Not only shorten the time of care, cost savings , but it also yields higher than before . In particular , the grafted tree is only 2-3 years after a new orchard without cutting down the old trees .
Park it 's almost 20 years old and his family Hoang Trong Thanh , Thanh Long village , Ha Long commune ( Bu Gia Map ) piloted bud grafting . Mr Thanh said : " Just graft taken from the tree in the garden of high yield , seeds , insects not . Paired Family 8 pole test for 3rd year harvest , yield upstaged see that old tree . Before transplantation , a tree is only about 20kg , achieved after transplantation 50kg/cay . Tending to focus on the first 5-6 months in order to increase the survival rate and facilitate nutrient uptake by plants cultured shoots . About 1 year after grafting scion as new trees grow in year 2 were harvested with yields exceeding old tree from 1-2 tons / ha . Advantages of the renovation orchard by grafting buds are shorter planting time , the first year for the fruit trees fortune . During the first year to spend more capital than the cost of care , each approximately 20 million hectares including fertilizers , pesticides " .
Mr. Hoang Van Tan Village 8 of Long Ha transplant 86 trees on an area of ​​5 hectares of family things . " The old tree , cut me deep and transplant patients new shoots , 50 shoots per tree grafting , the survival rate is over 90 % . New shoots grow fast , strong stems , the flowers are , the high proportion of fruit , seeds , bark thin , white person , per round for the cotton 3 . Cashew nuts dry 132 / kg , while the same old thing is 230-250 seeds / kg . At the 1 ha unimproved 7-8 quintals harvested , renovated 3rd year , collected 3.5 tons / ha . To shoot well as well-developed trunk should apply enough fertilizer , focusing on mid- season fertilizer , sprays 4 times / year , when cotton is coming out spray stimulates flowering beans , fruit , branches attention new graft for vulnerable young insect " - Mr. Qin said .
Mr. Do Thanh Trung , Head of the Plant Protection Station Bu Gia Map district said : " So early in the morning at the bud grafting trees suck enough water overnight . Best lap times from 6 to 10 hours , can be prepared from the grafted bud cutting yesterday afternoon . No grafting at sunny , tree susceptible to dehydration, drying section after the sun or the rain stopped just as wet leaves , transplant trees more susceptible to infections . The highest survival rate when transplanted tree during the steady rain and bud grafting qualify . Time is the most suitable for transplantation from August to October every year . "
Mr. Vu Duc Ministry , Chairman of the Co-operative investment , linking sustainable agricultural production Binh Phuoc said : " Cooperatives have been tested on 300 ha of cashew grafting in the communes of Tien Hung ( TX. Council mangoes ) , Ha Long , Phu Nghia ( Bu Gia Map ) , Dong Nai ( Clearing Member ) initial positive result , productivity is much higher than the old orchard . It is expected that in the coming period will extend to approximately 1,000 hectares in the province " .
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