Big victory of planting casavas in Kien Giang

Update: 3/17/2014

Hundreds of farmers grow manioc ( cassava ) in Hon Dat district ( Kien Giang ) is very excited because cassava -winning season , winning price .
Binh Giang is the local area 's largest cassava planting Hon Dat district . About 5 years ago , farmers in communal manioc plantation on 500 hectares but due to unstable output , price stability should not have switched to rice . Therefore, the current area of social cassava only about 200 hectares , concentrated in villages Channel 9 .
Ms. Bui Thi Lau , Deputy Head of village leaders Economics 9 , said : " This year , the villagers not only winning season wheat crop prices also doubled compared to the previous year . So cassava growers are excited . " According to many farmers , planting cassava with little care , investment costs slightly more than rice . Before planting should be plowed land , the more exposure the more dry the cassava tubers . During the season , the only cost of planting and weeding, spreading only once , then will grow cassava , wait until harvest to sell .
Mr. Tong Van Luan , nearly 5 hectares planted cassava in 9 villages Economics , said : " This year , due to early planting so far cassava harvest yield is quite high , about 18-25 tonnes / ha , price to traders today is 4000-4200 dong / kg , less the amount of interest cost farmers from 30-40 million / ha "
In my experience , the farmers have planted cassava on raised bed , to avoid flooding . Just 5-7 days flooded water could not be drained , potatoes will be waterlogged , white farmers hand . Currently, the cassava growers in Binh Giang are tall area , but many households have not invested dikes . So , when the rainy season , storms to farmers while protecting the cassava . To avoid wheat harvest immediately flood season , farmers start sowing from lunar month to May is about to harvest .
Chairman farmer Binh Giang Nguyen Van Hai , said : " Apart from the main crop is rice , cassava tree bring high profits for farmers . Looking ahead , the Farmers' Association will recommend to the district planning cassava growing areas , the construction and embellishment surrounding dikes to develop cassava plants in a sustainable way . "
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