SB099 single hybrid corn for the North Vietnam

Update: 3/17/2014

Corn hybrids single , short-term , drought , SB099 by Research & Production Center Boi river corn ( Maize Research Institute ) breeding since 2008 .
After a period of trials and demonstrations , SB099 is rated as the number one single hybrid maize varieties for the northern provinces .
SB099 was bred between maternal sire line x SBL62 SBL3 heading corn has a short growth period , drought very well .
Through the testing results the authors , VCU trials , trials with hybrid maize seed and abroad in different ecological zones and different seasons from 2008 to date , SB099 are professionals and farmers appreciated .
We can say that the SB099 is hybrid short in most categories today. The spring from 110-115 days , summer crop from 90-95 days , winter season from 100-105 days .
Productivity is also extremely stable . On the demonstration from 0.5 to 5 ha showed SB099 yield of 60-90 quintals / ha .
In particular, the SB099 has many outstanding advantages are many local farmers preferred . SB099 very nice color beads , drought tolerance is quite evident in the region and there is no crop irrigation .
SB099 birth is considered revolutionary for the region and the difficulties in the case of two provinces in northern and mountainous areas .
Research & Production Center River Corn Apply Tests of VCU and DUS like SB099 from the spring of 2010.
From autumn 2011 SX test conducted . Up to the present time , the area of SB099 SX is constantly expanding , reaching hundreds of hectares .
Assay results VCU , DUS , production testing , construction and production test model also showed that SB099 is airy foliage varieties , reasonable growth , uniformity and corn crops are very high .
Average plant height ( 200-210 cm ) , height plays corn 95-100 cm , easy to care for and against Broken pretty , drought tolerant , long muscles ( 18-20 cm ) , orange seeds , corn shape cylinder ( diameter corn from 4.2 to 4.5 cm ) . Number of grain / corn from 14-16 rows . Number of seeds / row from 38-45 seeds , pepper seeds deep ( 1,000 grain weight from 350-370 grams ) ... The potential yield may reach 90-110 kg / ha .
Therefore, after the birth , SB099 revolution not only in the difficult areas of the northern provinces , but is considered by the local salvage frequent droughts .
Assay results and planting demonstration showed that this single hybrid corn promote the highest efficiency in the harsh seasonal Wuhan, two .
By virtue of short- term and are superior to other corn varieties , SB099 was 10 DARD in Henan Province , Hoa Binh , Lai Chau , Lao Cai , Ninh Binh , Thai Binh , Thai Nguyen , Thanh Hoa , Son La , Yen Bai proposed DCP officially recognized the new agricultural plant varieties .
Survey in a growing number of local performances showed that SB099 was to maximize the advantages of her .
Dong Cuong commune , Van Yen District , Yen Bai Province , one of the local complex terrain conditions , harsh nature , but when the control plant with some varieties today , SB099 has a shorter growing time , anti- pour better , less blight infected leaves and more , rather than productivity . Economic efficiency is substantially higher . Therefore, farmers Van Yen district has proposed expanding the area of ​​production and recognition test .
In Mai Son district , Yen Chau district , Phu Yen district , Bac Yen district and some other districts of Son La Province , which is considered the capital of corn , concentrated high yield but SB099 still find foothold .
Meanwhile , Ngoc Son commune , Kim Bang district , Ha Nam province , Vietnam in addition to the advantages above, SB099 also show highlights than that of the control varieties is high uniformity .
In Khang commune , Tuyen Quang City , Tuyen Quang , SB099 rate of seeds / corn high yield and high economic efficiency .
In Thanh Ha commune , Lac Thuy district , Hoa Binh province , SB099 for seeds , nuts beautiful color , high yield ... 100 % locally grown presentation SB099 unanimously to recommend further expand corn area .
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