Longan prices increase

Update: 3/19/2014

Price label in Chau Thanh district is at 28000-33000 / kg, there is time to 37000-38000 / kg, higher than about 4000-5000 dong / kg compared to 12 / of 2013. 
Just label Idor bring high performance to people in Chau Thanh district 
According to Truong Van Then - Director of Chau Thanh Cooperative, the same label label Idor (Thailand) are cultivated people for years to bring a very high yield, 15-30 tonnes / ha (depending on the age of the tree label). Like this mark with disease-resistant brush dragon ". The output of the left label is also ensured by daily basis Ut time (Chau Thanh district) buy 1-2 ton mark. 
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