Planting garlic sustainably

Update: 3/21/2014

When people apply , depending on foot model fields , yields can reach 14-15 tonnes / ha but saves a lot of investment costs .
The theme "Building techniques garlic grown on sandy soils of coastal Khanh Hoa province " of the authors of the Provincial Plant Protection Department to help farmers improve productivity , quality garlic for high economic efficiency .
The subject by Khanh Hoa DARD chair ; KS Trinh Thi Thuy Linh , Director of the Plant Protection Sub as chairman , conducted from mid-2012 , ending in 2014 . After DX 2012-2013 model successfully implemented more than 1.6 ha planted garlic Ly Son village like Yeng Ninh , Ninh Phuoc Commune , Ninh Hoa TX yielding 13 tons of fresh garlic / ha , DX 2013-2014 Thread 3 continued scaling model , with an area of ​​2,000 m2/mo in Ninh Phuoc shape , Ninh Van ( TX Ninh Hoa ) and Hung Van ( Van Ninh district ) .
KS said Trinh Thi Thuy Linh , tree planting garlic in Khanh Hoa than 10 years ago in the society listed above. Initially , a small number of farmers in Quang Ngai from Ly Son to bring the same plant in Ninh Phuoc Commune .
Garlic planting season from November 11-12 every year , harvested in May 3-4 next year . Average temperatures in January range from 24.4 to 25.6 degrees C , exposure time of day in May 1-3 , observed an average of 12 hours is very suitable for the creation garlic .
Until now , the area planted garlic in Khanh Hoa on 100 ha with the same mass is used like garlic Ly Son and acreage likely be extended further . However cultivation of garlic farmers rely heavily on experience . Planting density , using the same amount of 1,000 kg / ha , rows 10-15 cm between plants 5-7 cm . The use of low quality manure , fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium unbalanced , more fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the medium to low yield of garlic .
" When applying this model we not only help people build technical solutions that planting garlic in tightly managed from the stages , but also towards branding of Khanh Hoa garlic .
The results showed that , when people apply , depending on the model farm feet , yields can reach 14-15 tonnes / ha but saves a lot of investment costs . So next time , we will continue to expand the model training and technology transfer for local farmers coastal appropriate conditions , "she shared Spirit .
In fact , in the fields when planting garlic farmers applied the model to see the appropriate sowing density , fertilizer and especially safe pesticide use , field testing garlic reduced rate of pests, high yielding fields other than the foot .
To prevent pests garlic spray periodically need 2-4 days / times . Because farmers do not use pesticides on the principle of " right 4 " so in a long time had caused deep phenomenon of drug resistance , which increases production costs . Because the model is applied pesticide reduction 30-40 % .
Mr. Le Tan , rural Ninh Tinh , Ninh Phuoc Commune , participants applied a model , said his family has 1 hectare of land planted garlic . The year before planting 1 investment expenses of his family why I lost about 10 million. When applying this model , the investment cost seeds, fertilizers , pesticides reduced , only 7 million VND / sao .
" With 2,000 m2 participation model I collected 2.24 tons of fresh garlic increased 2 kg compared with garlic field model does not apply , the current price of 20,000 VND / kg , after deducting all interest costs on 30 million. Coming home will replicate this model for the entire 1 ha for cost savings , "said Tan shared .
Similarly, in the field of pattern in Ninh Van commune , Van Hung relatives were also conducted garlic harvest . Through intensive focus for investors should reduce investment costs , pests, garlic yield stability , higher selling prices .
Mr. Ho Van Quang , East Village , Ninh Van commune excited , said: " Previously, families often choose to plant the cloves garlic should bowel slow growing , disease susceptibility . But do I get the model outer garment cloves garlic bulbs for planting . Unbelievably plant growth and development very well . The amount of seed planted only 700 kg / ha decrease of 300 kg / ha ; drug distribution decreased from 20-30 % .
This one do I model yields 1.3 t / ha . Not only how to harvest carrots , more should have sold for between 20000-21000 / kg , an increase from 1000-2000 VND / kg compared with no applied field model " .
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