Season Tan Thanh sea watermelon into service

Update: 3/24/2014

People in the coastal hamlet of Tan Thanh ( Go Cong Dong District , Tien Giang Province ) are excited that watermelon tea is good development , promising high yields . The village planted watermelon concentrate most Cay Bang , Red Lights , The Muong and Ms. Geng .
au than 1 month to seed, melon tea is to the left , going into harvest . Reportedly , about 10 years ago , people in Tan Thanh sea watermelon grown in 4 cases . Sowing the first crop from December last year , the first harvest in February next year , the second will rain down on sowing , harvesting around the 6th lunar month , for 3 months last harvest in 8 and 4 receiver case plan on about October , November lunar .
It is known , thanks to the application of science and technology in the field should melon watermelon yield in Tan Thanh beach for years and attained high yields . According to the experience melon growers perennial planting on land due to specific coastal alluvial sand so sweet pickle bar , thin crust , red intestines sand favored by consumers .
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