Update: 3/25/2014

November is also the time Cua Tung ( Vinh Linh , Quang Tri ) shed shimmering gown with white waves throughout hovering over the blue water , instead, put on his sea beauty of winter .

Not only beautiful winter sea with the waves on the rocks Sweaters covered blue , brown seaweed , but also by images of beautiful women scraped , little before the raging waves , soak in cold sea water , seaweed has two living each winter .
To me , seaweed ( also called vegetable mit ) , quiche dish is always attached to childhood . That day , love seaweed , I just wish that every year winter comes quickly, to the kids as I was enjoying the cozy winter dinner party seaweed soup steaming , was wandering on the beach stone after each session , each basket pulling seaweed for dinner . Later , the sweet bar , closely , sometimes distinct aroma of seaweed is processed into the soup , stir-fried , grilled , salad always follow me in those years away from home .
Seaweed season late this year . Every year , between October is starting to grow seaweed . Perhaps , in October this year the weather is not cold yet appeared seaweed . Step into November , wandering on the sea rocks at Cua Tung , it is easy to see many people , mostly women painstakingly , patiently picking seaweed on the rocks far out to sea lies . They picked hard to forget the cold waves straight into the excavation . Meet Nguyen Thi Binh , an acquaintance in the Cua Tung beach picking seaweed , I'm glad to her side and wallow in water harvesting seaweed . Just picking seaweed , Binh said she " did not understand that in vegetables ni mit very little honey ! Every year growing vegetables early and often so much. Maybe in year ni really cold weather , with too many people picking out vegetables mit fewer puncture . May tooth mit vegetables overnight fast growing tissue can also pick up day . "
Many enlist children outside school hours picking seaweed
On the rocks , there are two kinds of seaweed , a green and a brown . The woman at Cua Tung picking only the brown seaweed because according to them , more delicious brown seaweed , not tart like green seaweed and many more nutrients . Brown seaweed is often difficult to pick . Because the surface slippery seaweed , with a length of 4 to 6 cm , the base of seaweed clinging to the rock face to make the patient must pick each leaf pen . Type the kind of tasty seaweed is harvested by hand because there will not be crushed , mixed sand and rock than seaweed is scraped with metal objects . Seaweed grows more often in the rocks beneath the sea surface . To harvest the seaweed soup to people at low tide , the rocks jutting out of the water is freshly picked . These people frequently weed as she picked Binh , each sprint , if it is fast picking hand is about 5 to 7 kg of seaweed. Number seaweed on sale at the fair is to bring the morning or afternoon . At the fish market Cua Tung , every afternoon , a lot of women about selling seaweed . According to Nguyen Thi Field , a specialized people said picking seaweed , seaweed 1kg typically cost 40 to 50 thousand dollars . In late winter , when more rare seaweed seaweed prices can be up to 80 thousand VND / 1 kg .
Many tourists visit Cua Tung not miss the market , bought some weight bearing seaweed seaweed as a gift for a very tasty and good for health . To use seaweed long day , they often freeze , iced preservation . With people Cua Tung domain , they often dried for use in the growing season, not weeds . Often unsweetened dried seaweed with fresh seaweed .
People seaweed is processed into the Cua Tung special dishes . In the winter diet of the people here usually have seaweed soup cooked with sweet potatoes , or cooked with flour fiber . Or can process seaweed into stir-fries and do not forget to add a little shrimp . With dried seaweed , people usually do with seafood salad , with raw vegetables . In particular , those who had once visited the Cua Tung beach in winter , will not forget the taste of seaweed baked in banana leaves . Seaweed washed wrapped in banana leaves , no need for spices , grilled to temperature over medium coals . When the dried banana leaves and tan seaweed fire was at nine . Seaweed baked sweet taste , crunchy , tangy smell of seaweed mixed with the aroma of banana leaves . This dish used with white rice or will not eat very tasty . Based on the experience of the people here , the seaweed will taste better , fresher and retain sweetness if washed with seawater and carry on processing .
Seaweed is rustic , frugal , simply prepared and delicious taste but its very characteristic . Also by the taste particular , should become seaweed specialty dishes at the restaurant coastal town of Cua Tung . There are many tourists pass a far way to the beach in the winter not only to watch the seaweed -covered rocks , seeing how women living waters with seaweed , but also enjoy doing the dishes from seaweed .
Seaweed only when winter comes . It is not only delicious food for coastal people but also the livelihood of the people here on the east . On average, 1 day , 1 seaweed pickers income from one hundred to three hundred thousand dollars and possibly more . For me , seaweed is the most beautiful memories of childhood, it is associated with a cozy meal with the family , tied with my friends and homeland .


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