VietGAP vegetables in Binh Dinh

Update: 3/26/2014

In recent years , as vegetable matter in Shunyi ( Binh Dinh ) went towards new standards VietGAP farming .
Vegetable Production VietGAP be piloted in Binh Dinh in 2011 . This project was funded by the New Zealand , by Project Management for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods ( DARD Binh Dinh ) implementation. Block Shunyi , Phu Phong town ( Xishan ) and village law Chanh Hiep Phuoc commune ( Tuy Phuoc ) is the second oldest villages selected vegetables deployment model .
Village Shunyi long vegetables are more trusted by homemakers SX vegetables here are delicious, crunchy and sweet irrigated by river water circuit Kone . Vegetable crops are the spearhead of the country people . In recent years , as vegetable matter in Shunyi went towards new standards VietGAP farming .
" For the villagers , who also knows how vegetables grow vegetables . But what previous breeding , planting soil , watering , fertilizing ... all done out of habit . Since exposure to plant vegetables VietGAP standards , new bags learn many new things , from seed selection to planting, watering , motivational processes are followed . Before planting new vegetables to harvest several months , now only grow from 25-30 days can be cut to sell . Less cost , less labor income, rather than "Ms Tran Thi Tung , who is doing 3 sao of vegetables in Shunyi , said .
Dao Van Tri Farmer adds : " Do not be hard VietGAP vegetables as I thought , in accordance with the standard guidelines of safe vegetables . My daughter before she was to follow routines . For as watering profusely to flooding . Time just enough water , irrigation watering too little dried vegetables that are not well absorbed vegetables , the soil loss .
Previously thought to want a good vegetable fertilizer applied many , but not practical , moderate fertilizer nutrient vegetables , fertilizers of excreta enters soil retention , fecal contamination of vegetables , the food is not good for health " .
What the standard salad VietGAP not only be done at the household registration in the model , many farmers follow the same study . Mr. Nguyen Xin village chief law confided : " tui SX family of 5 Stars vegetables , such as beans , bitter melon , okra ... but not in the model SX group , but also learning and tui follow the procedure VietGAP vegetables .
Not my bag , peasant village chief law are now scrambling to make VietGAP vegetables . Thanks to this approach , but her children also learn here is how to protect the environment , as landfill to collect packages and contracts for cleaning pesticide " .
Strengths of vegetables Shunyi village ( Tay Son ) is the leaf vegetables , other vegetables in the village Chief Law ( Phuoc Tuy ) is nuts , fruit . Each day , Shunyi vegetable cooperatives provide nearly 300 kg of vegetable market , while at the Chief Law also supply 350 kg . Market consumption of vegetables mainly VietGAP Binh Dinh Quy Nhon Coopmart supermarkets .
To ensure your brand vegetables , over time , the households participating in organic vegetable producer groups comply strictly careful investment process , vegetable cultivation and primary processing VietGAP standards . Vegetables are cooperative Shunyi Center of Agricultural Product Quality Certification II regional standards VietGAP vegetables .
" Clean Vegetables higher prices should still be vegetable cultivation normal " encroachment " purchasing power remains slow . Apart from some place orders , we also bring their vegetables to restaurants , cafes introduced . Hopefully one day recently clean vegetables is no stranger to the housewife , " Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu , fresh vegetable cooperative staff Shunyi , said .
According to Mr. Pham Thang Long , Chairman of the Parent Cooperative Law vegetables to grow vegetables VietGAP , crucial to boost consumption . Mr. Ngo Tung Thu , Project Manager , said : " At 2 above the village clean vegetable production has been established 6 FGs hobbies vegetable production safety standards VietGAP with over 130 farmers participated in area of ​​10 ha .
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