Copra prices from Tien Giang increased continuously

Update: 3/26/2014

Coconut farmers in Tien Giang province very excited because recent days Copra prices increased continuously , contributing to increasing income for coconut farmers .
According to the growers in the districts Go Cong Tay and Tan Phu Dong Cho Gao , coconut traders buy out price from 100,000 to 110,000 VND / dozen ( a dozen with 14 left , there are 12 places left ) , an increase of 20,000 east / compared with the previous dozen .
Tran Thi Thu Hong , melon farmers is that in Ninh Binh , Cho Gao district , but said rising prices of coconut but no coconut growers to sell . Causes, coconuts are in the period of " suspension " and yields are reduced by the coconut farmers not care coconut coconut drops in price point .
On the other hand , during the dry coconut fell sharply , farmers switched to selling fresh coconut drink coconut water can lead to dry in the moment . Because melons are hut dry cave , supply output for limited market , so traders every day in and outside the province to pineapple farms are " scoured " of buying melons , melon lead to increasing day by day .
In the eastern district of Tien Giang province , an area where the largest concentration of coconut plantation provinces , is entering the dry season , the ability of the coconut fruit during this period decreased significantly , so the coconut shortage market supply will last at least 3-4 months.
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Tien Giang province , the province has about 14.500ha coconut plantations , coconut production for market supply about 95,000 tons annually . Currently rise in Tien Giang Many are adopting intercropping cocoa in coconut plantations for income over 100 million / ha / yr . / .
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