Growing safe potatoes

Update: 2/4/2014

Work out , planting disease-free seed potato yield 800-900 kg / sao
In the past , farmers have time to Huong him in 120 hectares of potatoes. However, most of the old potato varieties with low productivity degeneration . Due old farming practices , farmers are only considered potato crop should women tending pest is not interested , timely handling leads to much reduced acreage .
To overcome these difficulties , Huong he has held for staff to visit the SX model high potato yields in many places , and links with the Centre for Research & development of root crops ( Institute of food crops - food crops ) put new strains on the SX .
Mr. Nguyen Do Board , Chairman of Huong cooperatives , he said : Since 2008 , the cooperative conduct trials , after some good results for SX ; mastered technology . Therefore, in the winter of 2010, the cooperative began SX potato disease , including Solara and Maraben same . In this case planted 2 hectares planted during the Center Research & development of root crops production training techniques for sewing her children from fertilization to harvest potato storage disease .
" To attract people to switch to planting potato disease , cooperative reward for her children , such households earned net profit 2.5 to 3 million VND / sao is 150,000 bonus Cooperative d / services ; 4 million 400,000 or more, the e reward / services . As for the collective ( village ) made ​​from 5-9 hectare high yield reward of 300,000 VND / crop ; 10 ha or more receive 500,000 bonus e / Services , "Ban said.
Work out , planting disease-free seed potato yield 800-900 kg / sao , except the cost of investment interest from 2.5 to 4 million VND / sao . After planting , the farmer saw firsthand profits and invested planted potatoes , potato far commune area 30 ha of winter ; 10 ha of spring .
In particular , winter farmers SX commercial potato yield 10 quintals / rod ; crop sowing reached 9 kg / sao .
Price potatoes clean out of the market higher . The winter 2013 , potato tubers to sell 13000-15000 / kg ; small bulbs sold 8000-10000 / kg . 1 perch potato planting clean seed money investments 800,000 ; 300,000 fertilizers , pesticides 100,000 and 600,000 salary .
For seed potatoes to avoid too much potato production , under pressure led to low prices , cooperative investment Perfume afraid to stand up a cold storage building 1 billion, holds 130 m3 .
Cold storage is supported by the State 750 million; operatives spent 250 million. After harvest , the cooperative purchase price to inform people and not force people to sell themselves .
" If the market price is higher than the sales people themselves , and those who want to sell at the proposed price Cooperative Cooperative will purchase . And especially , if the market price is much cheaper than purchasing cooperative will stand out for all her children , and then stored in cold storage , waiting for the market price increases, the cooperative will sell , "Mr. Ban said .
're Going to take care of harvested potato field , Mrs. Fee 1 Thi Cau village , Huong , he said : " The case I planted 2 pole and coming clean potato harvest , estimated at 6-8 kg / sao . Unlike some other plants often fall into making products people " swim " , while potato growers cooperative purchasing clean so I do not worry about the output . Several cases of instant potato harvest , the price yielding a high economic efficiency , "she Demand excited .
Talking about the success model plant potatoes clean , Mr Ban said: Those members participating models , cooperatives and seed money for people to invest without borrowing interest rate , until the harvest returns capital for cooperatives .
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