Rice husk briquette for high economic efficiency

Update: 5/4/2014

Each year, Vietnam produced 40 million tons of rice , including the Mekong Delta ( MRD ) produced over 20 million tons . Vietnam ranks second in the world in the field of export of rice after Thailand . Each year in the country more than 8 million tons of waste rice husk as milling , MRD own emissions more than 4 million tons of rice husks . This is a great source of energy and stability will tend to increase every year .
Previously, the husks are used as fuel for cooking , used in the oven , baked bricks , ashes, partially burned porous compost for fertilizing soil . In recent years due to increasing rice production to rice husk annual emissions is huge . Many places husks become problems . The indiscriminate discharge into canals husk at some point in the year has seriously polluted .
To take advantage of valuable raw materials mentioned above . Rice husk is pressed in the form of rice husk firewood tubes called . Very handy for fuel instead of coal and other fuels .
Production technology husk compression member with multiple advantages our application was in Vietnam . Members flammable husks , for high heat .
Can replace coal with high economic efficiency
With abundant raw material resources , with advanced production technology , we are gradually implementing production , co-production , investment , technology transfer and product consumption , creating a manufacturing industry new , creating jobs for local people , particularly contributing to handle large amounts of rice husk waste causing environmental pollution and increase value chain for rice production in Vietnam .
Wood products husk , rice husk pellets of the company are manufactured from 100 % rice husk material is discharged after the processing of the rice milling plant .
Currently, the Company is also implementing the product Biomass pellets from different sources . The company's products are strict quality inspection , has been highly appreciated by customers . Suitable for all types of furnaces currently use coal as fuel . It can be used to form small kitchen and family restaurant because not create smoke and fire gas .
The company's Biomass pellets are also very suitable for heating because when burned it emits a slight smell of the countryside .
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