The technological process of sea cucumber products : Contributing to diversify products

Update: 7/4/2014

Sea cucumber is a type of food and pharmaceutical properties and high nutritional value . However, in the market , sea cucumbers have not been known to many consumers because of how raw sea cucumber processing is quite complex . With the aim of diversifying products to help consumers easily exploit the nutritional value of sea cucumbers , recently , groups authors by Master Tran Thi My Hanh - Faculty College of Food Technology Nha Trang school dean has done work theme " processing of value added products from the sea cucumber " with 3 types of products made ​​from sea cucumber is very convenient for users.
Among dozens of sea cucumbers , Khanh Hoa quite full of sea cucumbers bring great economic value such as white breast cucumber , jackfruit cucumber , sand sea cucumber ... Recently, the Institute of Aquaculture Research III fisheries have adopted the technology transfer sand sea cucumber ( sea cucumber has a high economic value ) for households in Van Ninh District and the City . Cam Ranh . This shows the potential exploitation of sea cucumbers in Khanh Hoa great . In addition, the findings of modern pharmacology and traditional medicine have shown you many pharmacological properties of sea cucumbers as : Strengthen resistance capacity and enhance the body immunity ; inhibits the growth and metastasis of cancer cells ; fatigue-resistant muscle , maintaining high activity state ; Anti-aging , enhanced activity of the nervous system ... Master Tran Thi My Hanh - Project manager , said: " When the research nutritionist cucumbers , scientists have analyzed in 100 grams of sea cucumber containing 75.6 grams of dry protein , 3.5 times as beef . In the sea cucumber meat contains a full complement of amino acids not replace you as : Lyzine , arginine , threonine , trace elements P , Cu , Fe , especially Se - antidotes , have the effect of disabling heavy metals enter the body through ingestion . However, by way of sea cucumber processing of raw materials into consumer food was quite complex , raw cucumber price is high so people still do not use and exploit the resources of the sea cucumber . Stemming from the fact that we have researched and given the technological process of processing 3 types of sea cucumber products , including: canned cucumber in brine , dried sea cucumber dried sea cucumber cold soup and soup cost reasonably convenient for people to use " .
To get 150 boxes brined cucumbers , sea cucumber soup 150 package , 33 packages frozen dried sea cucumber complete convenience to consumers , the research team took more than 2 years of surveying , construction material standards cucumbers and complete data processing for each product category . To cater to the research process , the research team has collected more than 1,550 kg of sea cucumbers buy raw materials ( including by type of sea cucumber fishers , buyers in the market and sea cucumber farming in ponds in Van Ninh District , Cam Ranh ) . Sea cucumbers are fresh division to determine volume and compare the nutrient content between exploited sea cucumber sea cucumber farming . Accordingly, the type of sand in the sea cucumber fishermen Nha Trang is often sold in the market weighing from 400 to 700 gr / child values ​​are guaranteed levels of nutrients such as protein content of 14.8 % , lipid 0.34 % , 0.64 % glucide , 2.26 % mineral ... for sand sea cucumber farming in ponds , types of weighing 3-4 units / kg , but have lower nutritional content navigation Clear sea sand ( 11.5 % protein , 0.86 % lipid , glucide 0.56 % ) but still have high economic value . From the research results , the authors have developed technological process 3 types of products processed from sea cucumbers are : sea cucumbers in brine , dried sea cucumber dried sea cucumber cold soup . Master Tran Thi My Hanh adds : " In the process of sea cucumber processing technology , raw bead removal step is very important . For soup, sea cucumber and sea cucumber soup cold drying reducible to 2 % concentration of acetic acid for 25 minutes ; for canned products brined cucumbers to use ethyl alcohol at a concentration of 400 6 % in 30 minutes . Thus, the sea cucumber will not be fishy materials while maintaining high levels of nutrition . "
After completing the processing of sea cucumbers in the laboratory , the research team conducted a trial production at two businesses in the city . Nha Trang is a limited liability company Thien Xuan Anh and Nguyen Company Limited . At the same time , the product marketing group on the 3 restaurants and hotels to consult consumers . Most consumers feel the product is prepared from sea cucumber was not fishy , being tough as when buying cucumbers on homemade ingredients . Not only simple processing , convenience , sea cucumber products also ensure the nutritional value and low price , suitable for daily consumption needs of people. In addition, the results of the study also facilitated the establishment of close links between farmers , mining and processing in order to increase the use and increase economic efficiency from cucumbers . Also 3 types of products , from raw cucumbers for processing a number of other products such as functional foods , nutritional drinks and powdered sea cucumber .
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