Eucheuma cottonii seaweed prices are double as high as those in last year

Update: 5/26/2014

Not only good season, but also doubles net price is in the range of 7000-8000 VND / kg for seaweed. There coastal fishermen in Cam Lam District and City Cam Ranh ( Khanh Hoa ) are harvesting seaweed excitement in the air , the season price . We're in rural Thuy Trieu , Hai Dong Cam , Cam Lam district , these days along the tidal flats fishermen are busy harvesting seaweed . Fishermen fast Nguyen , Thuy Trieu village has 15 years seniority seaweed cultivation , said: " This year yield reached seaweed varieties , averaging 1 ha of water surface area farmed seaweed harvested from fresh new 8-10 , in the year before when only 7-8 wide frequency obtained from fresh / ha . Not only buy , but also increased the net price , which is in the range of 7000-8000 VND / kg for grass seed that is more than 2 times higher than last year . " He quickly said , seaweed cultivation is easy , does not take a lot of care . With an area of 1.5 hectares planted varieties , harvest all costs unless you rate this family nearly 20 million VND / ha should be very excited . Meet our Ngoc cheerfully : " Growing seaweed that is the price as this year's season , the farmers are assured . This case was no seaweed growers worry output , as traders put the car in person purchasing . How much weed they are not buying that much choice , because algae grow here very satisfactory " . Mr. Le Van Kha , Deputy Chairman Cam Hai Dong said commune has 12 seaweed farmers with an area of about 14 hectares , mainly planted in the form of single-stranded stretch on the bottom . This year due to favorable weather , undamaged seaweed , high resale value so pretty and her remaining invested in the next season . Also in Cam Nghia ward , her children are now actively harvesting seaweed for sale. Mr. Le Van Hoang Phuc Cam Ward North , a seaweed farmers here said , the current price is fresh seaweed traders buy at from 3500-4000 VND / kg , and dried seaweed 27000-28000 / kg , increase from 2000-5000 VND / kg compared to last year . This year his family planted over 1 hectare , algae cultivation methods applied in mesh cages to productivity , achieving high quality weed . Many farmers also grow more seaweed , the seaweed grown in mesh cages productivity , better quality compared to how long this plant is grown on the bottom rope unit . The advantage of this model is to overcome the situation of fish , crabs and seaweed clearance loss due to fall out . Moreover, when applying seaweed cultivation model in mesh cages can be grown year round . Per 1 ha of water surface area of about 0.5 looks -1 seaweed all new varieties , depending on the density or sparse day . If weeds grow 1 ton single method on the bottom rope , after 6 months , the favorable farming harvest about 30 tons of fresh , dried or 4 tons , while collecting seaweed farming in net cages than 50-70 tons of fresh ( 7 -10 tons dry ) ... It is known that seaweed plants Thallus form ( not differentiated into stems, roots really ) to live by photosynthesis, is capable of nutrient uptake , mainly nitrogen and phosphorus for the synthesis of organic substances body should have the effect of reducing the amount of organic matter in the water .


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