Seafood exports to China have big "harvest" in 2014

Update: 6/21/2014

By now, tensions over the South China Sea after China put down unauthorized Hai Duong-981 rig in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam is unlikely to impact on commercial fisheries between Vietnam and China.
Shrimp export processing. Photo: Internet
Aquaculture is one of the main export items of Vietnam to China. Over the years, taking advantage of the geographical proximity as well as incentives for cross-border trade between the two countries, many seafood companies in Vietnam have been effectively exploited this market.
2013, China's seafood markets of Vietnam's fourth largest after the U.S., EU and Japan. Exports to China reached U.S. $ 572.7 million, up 36.6% compared with 2012. Market This is the highest growth in export markets group 5.
Shrimp occupy key positions in the seafood export to China. 2013, shrimp exports to China reached U.S. $ 381.1 million, an increase of 49.1% compared with 2012. First four months of 2014, shrimp exports to this market continues to rise by 60.3% over the same period in 2013 .
For Pangasius, the Chinese market has not really attracted to exporting companies have many other better choices. However, some companies have begun to "look" to this market as exports to major markets such as the U.S. or EU increasingly difficult.
2013, China accounted for a modest proportion of Vietnam pangasius export to 5%. However, fish exports to this market in the past year increased by 24.9% compared with 2012, while exports to the EU, the largest market for Vietnam's tra fish dropped 9.4%. First 4 months of 2014, fish exports to the Chinese market increased by 25.2% compared to the same period in 2013, while EU exports to continue to fall 10%.
According to a number of seafood companies, China is easy to market to buy, buy fast, does not require high quality, so that businesses can rapidly revolving funds, not invest. However, these enterprises vulnerable to dependence on the Chinese market and unstable or risky.
VASEP said: Before the tense South China Sea on the current activities of the commercial seafood companies with Chinese partners is normal, however, enterprises of the two countries are also more cautious attitude. Thus, the tension in the South China Sea does not seem to impact fisheries trade between Vietnam and China.
2014 could be a year will continue to "harvest" Vietnam's seafood exports to this market, if China does not have any moves "negative" public, especially for shrimp because China is one of the countries severely affected by early mortality syndrome (EMS) made of water shrimp production is dramatically reduced.
Thanh Nguyen-
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