Hunt for Holothurian (Sea cucumbers) under bottom the Ocean

Update: 7/17/2014

Holothurian, also known as Vu Nang. For the fishermen in Quang Ngai, their poetic craft hardship of diving Holothurian in the name of so called: "Hunt for Vu Nang  under the sea".
Panacea sea
 "At the liquor store, Vu Nang wine/alcohol "?" The wife of a fisherman when listen I asked,  hip eyes smiled and said in a voice Ly Son: "The alcohol (was) very, falling have children everywhere ". I stared, by the use of Holothurian that newspapers often published to much acclaim. And here are the first married a fisherman introduced the use of Holothurian, one of the species is classified as a premium under bottom the Ocean.
Years ago, while practicing diving ship to the mainland, who specializes in the purchase of Holothurian are often rushed to the ship to collect Holothurian. Holothurian are sold separately, not with individual inks. Traders then used to ask: "dozens of unexpected rumor? Red black and tenth? ". (Holothurian is a marine leech, often called folk station break).
A few years ago, the price of the Holothurian is low, people are often called by the name of the popular Sea cucumbers. Until Holothurian began their prices from 100 thousand to 500 thousand VND/ kg red Holothurian, they begin to appreciate for it the name of the Holothurian. When Holothurian began to be referred to as meaning "panacea", the price shot up to 1.8 million VND / kg, people started talking quietly about Holothurian with the name is "soft": Vu Nang.
Not to mention the use of Holothurian, just mention the name change also saw Holothurian roaring to life. Start it is seafood distinguished, one sun-filled porch, ugly look like a piece of rag. Now, Holothurian associated with voluptuous name, only heard, everyone wants a time trial says.
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