Aquaculture aims to complete plans in 2014

Update: 7/29/2014

In aquaculture (aquaculture), in addition to commercial shrimp farming, Ninh Thuan province is also known for manufacturing jobs shrimp and other seafood specialties. According to the provincial Aquaculture Department, by focusing the direction of seasonal breeding aquatic logical objects, over the first 6 months showed results very encouraging. Most farmed freshwater, saltwater and marine specialty growth and development are good, high yield, which highlights the commercial shrimp farming and seed production. 
shrimp in the net 
Shrimp farming covered by nets to prevent disease in shrimp farming areas Charity. 
Master Phan Dinh Thinh, The Director of the provincial Department of Aquaculture, said: "Private sector commercial shrimp farming is moving in a downward trend due to the disease situation has adopted measures to prevent the disease process and on shrimp in a timely manner. "By this time, the commercial shrimp farms in our province has to offer the farming area of about 712 hectares, including 672 hectares of white shrimp and prawn 40 ha; if compared with the same period in 2013, farming area exceeded 4%. This is considered a leading indicator of a new development of commercial shrimp farming in the province this year. 
Through a number of area harvested prawn and 113 hectares of shrimp, by the end of June in the province is estimated at 10 tons output of about 3,086 tonnes of black tiger shrimp and white shrimp (separate subjects for an average yield of 16 - 18 tons / ha, individual basis to achieve 25-30 tonnes / ha). It is notable in white shrimp farming in the season when the year is new deployment model Greenhouse shrimp, semi Biofloc to overcome early mortality syndrome (EMS), which has been replicated in more than 24 ha shrimp farming on sandy Phuoc Dinh. Besides, in the direction of environmental sustainability, are three base models applied VietGAP shrimp, first base is 2 certification. Nguyen Van Vinh in Charity (Phuoc Dinh Thuan Nam) has adopted 6 ha profusely, said: "After raising test effective models, this I spent 3 hectares VietGAP direction, all of the ponds I have a grid with blue roof and walls should stop around can prevent pathogen penetration ". 
Dr. seed production, seed is the place to create the highest quality, the province has about 500 production facility like TS, 430 private seed base operation (including large corporations) , including 200 production facilities like 230 white shrimp and prawn production facilities similar. Well first hand easily recognized in seed production is an increase of large companies, from 90 companies in 2013, this had increased to 150 companies, of which the An Hai (Ninh Phuoc) about 80 large companies. According to the provincial Aquaculture Department, grasp the situation by converting the object of commercial shrimp farming in the southern provinces, forecasting demand will rise like prawn, many enterprises to expand production scale. In the first 6 months of the year, the province of seed production output reached 15.6 billion pieces (like shrimp which is 12.4 billion), or 78% of the target achieved and exceeded 67% over the same period last year . Worth mentioning is the prawn own children just reached 3.2 billion, exceeding the 44% target and exceeded 33% over the same period last year. 
However, besides the positive changes of aquaculture, still exists as surface pollution problems in the region and a number of concentrated animal breeding sector has not been significantly improved. So to remedy the current situation, the review and replication of successful models shrimp and guide the breeding facility connected to mains drainage system is discharged that duty Department focus aquaculture boosting the province later this year. 
While not as sustainable development, but with the current happenings of the shrimp farming industry has shown significant growth of production value TS. Also winning service, commercial farmers are excited about the high price of shrimp. From the results achieved in the first 6 months, there is reason to believe that aquaculture will meet or exceed industry norms 8,250 tons of commercial shrimp farming and the production of seed 19.5 billion, plans to complete in 2014.
By Bach Duong - Ninh Thuan news
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