Vietnam is a leading supplier of seafood products

Update: 4/8/2014

The first six months of this year, Vietnam's fisheries continue to maintain key person in the group of exports, contributing a large part of the total 10.78 billion agri-aqua commodities exported to the world world. 
Ahead of the Expo Vietnam International Fisheries (Vietfish) The 16th will be held in early August of this year, Vietnam News Agency reporter had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, Deputy Secretary General of the Association of variables and Vietnam seafood Exporters (VASEP) around issues of trade promotion for goods seafood Vietnam. 
Sir, these factors have helped Vietnam to continue to maintain high growth momentum in recent years? 
- Vietnam Seafood has a long process and sustainable development, noted that countries supply the world's leading seafood. So far, the commodity seafood of Vietnam always satisfies the stability criteria for both quality and quantity. 
Recently, the world economy is more volatile, but overall demand for seafood has been increasing, only changes in each of different markets and different groups of items. 
Recently, a number of national aquaculture development such as Thailand, Indonesia ... has encountered a number of difficulties due to the disease situation in farmed shrimp. This has also created more opportunities for Vietnam to develop the export of shrimp and other seafood. 
On shrimp production, Vietnam has shifted from focusing prawn farming to feed both white shrimp, though this shift a bit late compared to other countries, but in time to create more high-value supply. 
With fish products, within 6 months, although there is a slight decrease due to the adjustment of the market, strong competition from other species of white fish (especially Alaska pollock Pollak), but this the items are still many potential market choice. 
While major markets, with strong consumption power as Europeans began to stabilize after a period of decline in the past. 
In addition, the competitiveness of domestic enterprises has been greatly enhanced in every aspect, both in terms of quality, as well as production and exports. 
The majority of Vietnam seafood enterprises have competitiveness to be able to enter more good material from a number of countries around India, Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador ... serve the needs of export production import and export processing, to meet diverse customer orders and different. 
The importer of the world often make requests for different standards based on the standards system of aquatic ecological production, ensure food safety and hygiene as ASC, BAP, GlobalGAP ... He How to comment on these standards and must be a distinction in the standards is the biggest barrier for Vietnam enterprises to enter the international market? 
- This is a trend and mainly concentrated in Europe and USA market. These standards are voluntary standards, are required by specific customer groups. On the one hand, standards contribute to sustainable production to meet the criteria of food safety, environmental responsibility and social. 
We can say, this is the approach to integration. More than 10 years ago, through market research, VASEP has recognized this and has also understand trends and update standards for member businesses. 
However, there are some other reviews of the certification of aquaculture products, especially for fish products, at a time when the fish are affected by many different criteria such as ASC, GlobalGAP from the European ... or BAP from American customers. 
It was created to boost aquaculture production in the country. This push is reflected primarily increased production costs. Because the cost of investment to improve farms, factories and resources to operate these standards as well as the cost of testing followed were increased. 
In addition, the cost incurred additional consulting, assessment must be included in the price. The high prices will reduce the competitiveness of Vietnam seafood. 
There is some suggestion that this is causing barriers to international integration more difficult, or to protect domestic producers from imports in some countries. However, we must recognize this certification standards in terms of production and trade in full. 
Through this certification, Vietnam seafood represents a clear commitment to quality products, environmentally responsible society. But we also need to have the fight to reduce the production cost of domestic enterprises and farmers. 
We need to engage in coordinated activity of this certification or deeper cooperation, towards the harmonization of certification thereby reducing the amount certified to perform when it is the requirements and standards even similar. 
So VASEP has nothing specific strategies to assist businesses in building and branding Vietnam seafood? 
- In recent years, VASEP has done a good try at least 3 groups. 
The first is to maintain trade promotion activities associated with goods safety criteria-quality of a regular, continuous innovation to create the impression, a good image of Vietnam seafood. 
We have held many professional activities, actively participate in the expo, the conference program, survey, assessment or talk shows. 
Besides, the trade promotion activities VASEP also be shown on regular channels of communication of the Association, contributing channels objective information to consumers and business partners. 
The information also shows that transparency and fairness to the image, Vietnam's seafood brand positive in the eyes of consumers from different countries in the world where the quality factor is the criterion top. 
The second is to promote international co-operation. This cooperation could be organized in cooperation with the importer or importers association in Europe, Australia, America ... thereby connecting commercial channels, thereby promoting the production process in water. 
VASEP also had specific cooperation with international organizations, support for Vietnam seafood industry as environmental organizations, support organizations for marketing activities, promotion ... 
Together, we maintain regular dialogue with importers, Vietnam trade representatives abroad to ensure that seafood in Vietnam is high level commitment and transparency. 
Third, information and communication activities. VASEP has maintained good communication channels at home and abroad. website is one of the top three information channels of commercial fisheries in the world as judged by international experts and electronic tools in tons daily visitors. 
To next August, VASEP will change and promote media industry in English to promote products, aquatic images of Vietnam and member enterprises abroad. Since then, VASEP will be the focal point of the support members and international partners, provide information and update the data, fully aquatic Vietnam. 
As one of the major annual events for promotion of commercial fisheries, Vietfish 2014 What have the highlights? 
- Fair trade Vietfish has been maintained and developed in the last 15 years, creating a bridge between domestic and foreign enterprises have opportunities for cooperation and trade. 
This year, 2014 Vietfish change is important, it is time to organize this year's show was moved from June to August. After a survey of member companies, importers, Vietfish partners involved, we find the time held in August is more appropriate. The correction of this time to ensure the unit in and outside the country with more Vietfish. 
This year, the number of firms, foreign firms visited and questioned work with businesses, associations and registration booths within the fair has increased dramatically. 
It is not only the company but also trade associations, importers, trade missions have cooperation with Vietnam in the field of fisheries. This is the highlight of Vietfish 2014. 
Some other highlights of this year's fair is the operational organization of conferences and seminars on the sidelines of the fair. This year, the program is expected to market seminars, certification, technical standards and service ... will be done throughout the three days of the fair. 
In particular, on the afternoon of 6/8 to VASEP, SUPA and project Forum Vietnam catfish will hold big fish forum with the theme "Sustainable Development catfish in the EU market," starring part of numerous stakeholders fish value chain, from General Fisheries representative, Department of quality management of agricultural, forestry and fisheries, import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and the largest importer in the EU , catfish businesses, non-governmental organizations ..., with nearly 200 participants have registered to attend. 
This will generate the interest of the majority of domestic enterprises, importers and international friends. 
Besides promoting exports, Vietfish 2014 is expected towards expanding domestic market like? 
- During the past 2 years, VASEP Fisheries Commission was established club teams, including general business items produced VASEP Club crab, tuna VASEP club, club offering level of domestic goods ... 
This year, VASEP has prepared and provided joint pavilion with a large area for club business in providing goods for the domestic market. 
The participating businesses are expected to bring diverse showcase of quality goods, are handy and offer a wide range of supermarkets, local retailers, such as the product "The Gift Barn, "shrimp, soup, fish, mackerel, pork trade, nutritious porridge, fish sauce, sauce ... 
So far, the business club's domestic supply of 26 business associations, manufacturing & supply a wide range of seafood products to major retail outlets and supermarkets nationwide. 
Sincerely thank you! 
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