Apply high technology to overcome the difficulties in seafood business

Update: 7/8/2014

fresh seafood 
That is the main theme of the workshop was organized by TUV SUD Group held on 6/8 in the framework of fisheries Vietfish Fair is taking place at the Saigon Exhibition Center.

The workshop with the theme "The business impact and tend to apply high technology solutions to support corporate agriculture, fisheries overcome the difficulties related to food safety issues" have attracted great area leaders, staff quality management and food safety in many seafood processing plants participated.

At the conference, the foreign experts of TUV SUD shared experiences and update the latest information on food safety requirements on a global perspective.

Accordingly, along with the economic development and global integration trend, the food safety and hygiene requirements appear more and more and more and more demanding, becoming one of the main barriers for enterprises. To remedy this situation, experts say enterprises should increase the prestige and quality of their products through the application of technology solutions, with high-tech machinery and modern equipment, have ability to detect microorganisms, chemicals banned for minimum levels to meet the requirements of the import market.

Along with technical solutions, the experts also suggested, businesses should develop methods of product quality management value chain, comprehensive at all stages of the new promoting positive effect, long long.

Headquartered in Singapore with more than 800 branches worldwide, TUV SUD is considered as an organization that provides quality and safety solutions and sustainable world leading chain services through testing, inspection, assessment, certification and training. Currently, TUV SUD has been widely recognized in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

By Do Van Thong -

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