Dried Anchovy Mui Ne (Phan Thiet): Opportunities to deep into the South Korean market

Update: 12/8/2014

Binh Thuan sea 198km long route, many areas such as anchovy Vinh Tan, Blessed Body, Lien Huong, Phan Ri Cua, Mui Ne, Tan Thanh, Tan Hai ... But Anchovies Mui Ne is still more preferred. For years, dried anchovies Mui Ne is not only for domestic consumption but exported to China, Taiwan ...
Customers viewing anchovy samples shipped to Korea.

   Recently, a number of Korean traders to take Phan Thiet to buy the anchovies Mui Ne. Mr. Choi Song Joon - a Korean trader said: "At the restaurant in Seoul Korea anchovy use small (1x2 or 2x3 type) head intact. Each restaurant dining tables are all laid out a plate of fried dried anchovies, no charge. Mui Ne anchovy aroma, sweet, Koreans like to eat ".

7/2014 Last month, I had the opportunity and he Choi Song Joon to businesses in Mui Ne Sea School to learn the process of export processing anchovies. Complete with nearly 127 Mui Ne ward anchovies oven, but the oven anchovy processing standards for export only count fingers. Ms. Cam - great owners anchovies contain more than 100 tons of cold storage of fish, said: "I kind of anchovy early fracture 2x3, mainly sold to Chinese traders and domestic sales. Everyday warehouse about 20-30 tons. Korean customers buy its own anchovy requirements "first principles", it is difficult to find a small restaurant ... ".

A facility, Ms. Hong is quite spacious, every day can be exposed to 200 blisters fish. Anchovy season, Ms. Hong said the purchase of steamed out into the dock, drying, selection of fish eligible for export. At the base of Ms. Hong has kind of small anchovies (still early, salinity less) to Korean customers are very interested. Ms. Hong said: "small anchovy (have started), price 75-80 thousand / kg; other types of large anchovies (not the first) price of only 45-50 thousand / kg and 5 kg of fish every fresh phase is processed, filtered and dried anchovies 1 kg standard exporting. Thus, the very positive working as anchovies, multiple selections to just the customers, especially customers in Korea. However, we are still trying to process dried small fish, rice exports to South Korea to stabilize the market than ... ".

Mui Ne has nearly 500 vessels, including 120 fishing boats mixed practice, accompanied by a 127 oven anchovy processing and cold storage dozen anchovies with different production scale. People are proud of Mui Ne dried anchovies local celebrities, but they are also very much concerned about environmental pollution from wastewater discharged oven anchovies ...

According to Binh Thuan

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