The effect of the sand sea cucumber farming in earthen ponds

Update: 8/27/2014

           After 8 months of culture in earthen pond sand sea cucumber, households in the ward him Agreement Cam Linh, Cam Ranh city has harvested the first round of commercial products, with a yield of 830 kg, respectively 3con harvest size / kg.

                                                              British Association cucumber harvest

           On this 3.000m2 area before his family invested tiger prawns, but by the pond environment degradation and pollution so after 2 months culture period sick and dead shrimp, then the introduction and support of the officers Research Institute of Aquaculture III - Nha Trang his family invested cucumber seed sources for commercial products.

           On this pond area, his family farmed 4,000 invested seed size 1.5 - 2gram / ​​children, with the aim of improving the pond environment and create jobs, increase economic income for the family because it is farmed harvest, just take care of the food does not need investment, preventive medicine, such as shrimp or fish.

           And after much effort and expectations, and the time period for harvesting sea cucumbers, with a current market price is 60,000 / kg after deducting the cost of his family profit of about 20 million.

           According to the Agreement, to be effective sea cucumber breeding, rearing process to closely monitor the health of regular cucumbers as well as water quality ponds. Especially in the period of childhood, when new farming to kill and eliminate all kinds of predators such as crabs, handcuffs, trash weeds ... because these agents may attack obstacle like a young sea cucumbers, cause shrinkage. Besides, the fan should be arranged in the pond water to increase the exchange of water, change water frequently to create new sources of food supply, periodic liming, mineral increases natural food in the pond.

           Sand sea cucumber is a promising target farming economy in the current period. Song about the same problem more difficult, however the amount produced but not many and not meet the needs of farmers.

So in the future need to expand production scale more cucumber seeds to facilitate seed supply to farmers, especially in the farming areas are more organic environment, many accumulated waste from the service before raising as white shrimp, black tiger shrimp, fish or snail ... to improve the environment for substrate.

Besides, can also use cucumber to polyculture with the object of economic value such as snails, tiger prawns to increase economic efficiency, animal disease control or intercropping in shrimp ponds , fish ... work to improve the environment. /.

           Nguyen Thi Huong

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