Cuttlefish bone - A wonderful drug

Update: 8/29/2014

Plum ink is a medicine taste salty, slightly fishy smell, the warm, non-toxic, effective hemostasis, analgesic, astringent anti-ulcer ...

Plum ink is "bones" of cuttlefish, squid cystic most common are whey (cuttlefish) scientific name Sepia esculenta Hoyle, of them Seppidae. Plum ink is a very common drug used in our people to name hijacking cell aggregates and marine adventure pepper, taste salty, slightly fishy smell, the warm, non-toxic, effective hemostasis, analgesic, as anti-ulcer se ...

  According to traditional medicine, cuttle arterial effects, except for welding low, hemostasis, nullify, sour stomach absorbs water, treat nephrotic son crystalline masterpiece, bleeding woman is not pregnant dry (powdered drink ), treat bowel bleeding, bleeding internal hemorrhoids, drew blood, ear discharge and hemostatic wound.

In our people today, tomorrow ink is mainly used as medicines excess sour stomach pain, the stomach ulcer, coughing up blood, bloody bowel. Dosage Per Day 4 8g drink powder form or tablets.

  Cuttle-processing is relatively simple, often people get cuttle, scrape off the hard shell, soaked in water until the salt and then dried or dried, powdered using. To cuttle best quality use thick shells, white as chalk, not fracture. Here are some remedies cuttle often used:

  - Relieve gastric ulcer, duodenal, heartburn, constipation Defecation: Plum ink 20g, 12g licorice, earth topical form 6g, pulverized, sifted powdered. Taking 2 times daily before meals 6g about half an hour.

  - Updated bloody bowel: Mai browning ink, powdered, each time taking color 4-8G water horsetail plants.

- Purulent otitis Cure: Get sprinkle powdered cuttle or clean cotton swab into the ear swab drug permeability.

- Cure drew blood: Get real canopy cuttle kids, drink 4-5 times daily with water 1-2G white rice or access decoction (10-20g access transparency colors with 300ml water).

- Relieve ear discharge: Plum ink 2g, 0.4 g musk, very small canopy, take a cotton swab gently clean ear swab drug spots.

- Updated code orange mouthpiece, nose ulcers, runny ear: Plum ink, imperial venture, great bars, single pink, new world, whole gall, middle-transparency, each 12g, alum non 8g; Flower 4g tomorrow. Each in its own stars except single pink, apricot flowers, great bar, then crushed finely, mix well. When used, sprinkle powder on the wound, ulcer.

Un hemoptysis, hemorrhage and children growth retardation: Taking 4-8G cuttle powder.

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