Information about seaweed powder Carrageenan in Ninh Thuan

Update: 8/29/2014

Sea vegetables in south central question is so blessed for our Vietnam by so many precious properties. From Japan, South Korea has used for so long, familiar in everyday life. As in Vietnam, the use of which has not been popular for many reasons, of which the most important reason is not many people know about the features and uses of the vegetable ...

Carrageenan extracted from red seaweed plants (plants seaweed) contains more than 20 trace elements, 13-20 free amino acids, of which there are many types necessary for the human body, and many kinds of vitamins A, B1 , B2, B6, C, D, E ......, has been used since 600 years ago and today is used in various types of products that people use every day. Carrageenan food proved to be completely safe and non-toxic, can be used in food with no limitation amount. Board of Food and Drug Administration of the United States has also said that foods containing Carrageenan has been generally recognized as safe products without toxins or carcinogens, so Carrageenan has been included in the list of substances Security full of the ingredients used in food products. These include the application of Carrageenan below:
1 In the milk industry.
2 In other food: fresh water gel, milk, cream milk, soy milk, cheese, canned and processed meats, sauces, beer or wine ...
3 In the engineering industry: oil well drilling, water paint, ceramic glaze ..
4 In the cosmetics and toothpaste:
5 In medicine and pharmacy: anti-complement resistance, limiting the development of thrombosis, anticoagulant, limited fibrosis, anti-atherosclerosis, inhibition of virus activity, inhibiting the growth of HIV and herpes, especially inhibit papillomavirus - the virus that causes ovarian cancer. For diabetes, Carrageenan can absorb water and slow the gastric emptying, thereby reducing the risk of increased blood sugar occurs immediately after a meal ..
6 In agriculture: Carrageenan is used as a natural growth, stimulate plant growth and fertilization.
 The people of south central coastal red seaweed harvested crops - the raw material producing carrageenan powder

Due to the features and applications you should Carrageenan is widely produced and consumed in the world: Asia has its own 2000 production on 33.000T. Currently, the world has 06 big companies, manufacturers offer more than 80% of the market Carrageenan, concentrated in Western Europe.

Currently, in the world's oceans has about 20,000 species of algae, which, Red algae about 500 genera and 6,000 species. In particular, red seaweed Eucheuma gelatinae for Carrageenan content is very high, above 60% dry weight, appearing mainly in Japan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines under semi-natural way of farming.

Vietnam Sea, 800 species of algae belonging to the follower has announced the world, there are many varieties of red seaweed for carrageenan content high, evenly distributed throughout the 3,000 km coastline of our country. Materials analysis showed that only 02 species: Red algae and seaweed Van Cartilage is the highest concentration of carrageenan (60%), occurring primarily in the South Central as Nha Trang, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan.

(According to the book: "The carrageenan from seaweed - Production and Applications" of the author: Tran Dinh Toai, Nguyen Xuan Nguyen, Pham Hong Hai, Nguyen Bich Thuy, Tran Thi Hong published by the Science and Technology publications in 2006)

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