White lemongrass to export in My An, An Giang province

Update: 4/9/2014

After years of closed dike , soil production of An American society ( Cho Moi district - An Giang ) started showing signs of fading . While waiting for resolution of local people actively restructuring model plant crops with lemongrass , just for good income which takes a little bit of care on infertile land .
Mr. Tran Van flush , one of the first farmers in the locality , just 5.5 of cropland harvested lemongrass said : "We just sold the 5 ½ lemon , 3 tons of production / consumption of 4500 prices / kg in accordance with contract- River Bank Corporation ( Vinh Loc industrial Park , Binh Tan , Ho Chi Minh city , PV ) . Unless all costs , for the past lemongrass family about $ 90 million . " This is the first communal farmers in the U.S. An lemongrass white conversion export crops .
Realizing the conversion efficiency of the plant vent his family ( Club member female green cabbage ) has strongly become the registration form for the production of her children in society to follow . Nguyen Thanh Binh , Chairman of the club , added: "Before , we had several times to the neighboring commune of Hoi An , Hoa Binh , Hoa An lemongrass collected on the Company sold to the short wavelength part see any effect of lemongrass plant . In addition, models that are converted from other types of vegetables to plant his curse effective flush , so club leaders squabbled rent farmland few pilot . By developing this acreage is very good . It is expected that over the Lunar New Year will be harvested for consumption right from the beginning of the season was 6,000 VND / kg " . Directions to visit our land area planted lemongrass trials in the U.S. town of Luang area ( New Market ) . Two harvest lemongrass prepared very well developed . Dust large , healthy plant . Anh Binh said : " Trees grow lemongrass is a good advantage on the stained area . Almost all the land began to show signs of stunted due back for years to justify the floodgates . Therefore , planting other crops costly drug distribution , especially water that effectively precarious . With this lemon tree , stable output has contracted by consumption properly concluded that the cost of care , disease ( disease mainly aphids , PV ) are less likely to occur . " Standards lemon tree , according to relatives here , right lemongrass achieve high standards 5 inches ( from the root to the body ) , fatness roots reach 2 to 3 parts or more .
Also in the family Le Phuoc Thanh ( My Loi hamlet , My An commune ) had 5 of lemongrass is great for development , said: " Growing beyond the interests of white lemongrass grows well on poor soils , raised beds no longer needed there are other advantages of intercropping other crops , especially beans tree . Do lemon trees grow long , averaging about 5 to 6 months for harvesting , intercropping should Beanstalk 2.5 months is appropriate . " On 5 of lemongrass area , and his family chickpea intercropping . There just chickpea harvest profits nearly 5 million / public park that has developed quite lemon tree . This festival has more on his family and celebrate 20 million from lemongrass acreage consumption .
Tran Thanh Binh Corn Club chairman introduced female green field trials lemongrass .
Phi Vo Ngoc Anh , deputy chairman of the commune An American Farmer ( New Market ) assessment : " The people converted to model locally grown lemongrass recently showed good sign . Due to the soil and growing conditions are currently difficult to meet all the relatives over for most varieties and find partners include units of the product that is the new way of doing business , in accordance with international tendency development . Local perspective , we welcome and facilitate the terms of the policy and endorsement to the contract between the company and her children . " And the River Bank Corporation , Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung , company representatives in An Giang, said: " Previously we had a business relationship with her children associated with the consumption of female corn ( maize traditional local method , PV ) how should the transition to white pepper lemon tree is also very easy . Another point is the soil in this area to help plant the lemongrass essential oil is very good , healthy plant , so it is pretty easy to consume . On the other hand , the current export partners are required lemongrass white goods , we strongly linked collection and planting , which outputs in accordance with market prices harvest time . If conditions permit , we plan to expand to full contract- even a few dozen to about 100 hectares planted lemongrass white area " .
But white plantation model in the U.S. An lemongrass just stop in the testing phase , initial success has opened the right direction and in accordance with the situation of agricultural production locally

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