Trang Bang dew wetted rice paper

Update: 4/9/2014

 According handed, rice paper people Trang Bang was inherited from his father in the land of the Ngu Quang, Binh Dinh province pioneers in Tay Ninh hamlet set in the 18th century. Due to geography natural gas a sunny climate, great fog night with skilled technicians coated 2 layer cake, bake, frost cake exposure and experience to predict seasonal weather is transmitted from generation to generation should have formed a unique village at the gate of Tay Ninh province. At first the rice paper and dip baked bread, the latter has many different types and especially dew wetted rice paper
Later than 1 year applicant, to date dew wetted rice paper Trang Bang was the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology certification mark registration roll collective exposure of Trang Bang dew. This is the 2nd of Tay Ninh province in trade promotion programs - Provincial Tourism key is granted trademark registration.

The certification of a collective mark for dew wetted rice paper Trang Bang meaningful extremely important in branding, product development to maintain specialty of Tay Ninh Province. There are 24 households producing rice paper exported for business in Trang Bang district used the collective product label.

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