Coconut jam for festival days

Update: 4/9/2014

While the festival everyone wants his own hands the delicious dishes for the guests to a presentation, you invite them to enjoy. and delicious coconut jam Tet is indispensable for a country the size of about 26 27 as they were out the door to pick coconuts just stopped too young but not too old to take the offer of coconut to do. I think if the festival days like this you should manually do it better imbued with national identity than the food safety but do not go out buying quality and not by their own hands as .

Tet delicious coconut jam is easy to make and more common if you have not done the previous year, this year is your chance to have the opportunity to do that you do not mind if I do not know how to do okay when they read this article this problem you do not need to worry anymore what his collection below is how to make delicious coconut jam that has easy to make that New Year's Day.

It is considered as a dish flavored spring about what the new year with us you learn the necessary ingredients and how to make a delicious coconut jam is okay Tet.

The materials needed to decide on the most delicious coconut if you have, you can pick to use if you choose to market to buy offline you remember to get the delicious coconut jam plastic afraid you have chosen is not coconut too old nor too young and offline. And the material followed by sugar = half the volume of coconut

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