Ginger and ginger powder

Update: 5/9/2014

GungGung powdered ginger and spices is a very familiar and almost always available in the kitchen to prevent housewives. Ginger not only add flavor to food, but also helps the body digest food and absorb easily. In addition, it is also a precious herbs in folk medicine treasure that everyone can use to heal yourself
Ginger scientific name is Zinziber officinale Rosc, is a small tree, height of 5 cm - 1m, rhizomes and roots develop. Leaves alternate, sessile, lanceolate with sheath 15cm-20cm long, 2cm wide, leaf jar with a distinct aroma of ginger.
Medicinal properties and uses
According to traditional medicine, ginger spicy, warming, in 3 business waste, pressure, position, effective speaking, high moderate canopy welding, phlegm, Hengshui, detoxification. In most medicine remedies, whether welded or heat disease, damage, or actual, physicians often use 3 to 5 slices of ginger life. In addition to lessen the effects of the medicine cold welding, this coordination will also help to ease absorption spleen and vomit from patients for the medicine to take. Also, depending on the form used, ginger has many different uses.
Ginger is also known as Jiang was born alive have spread style welding effects, nausea and vomiting. Dried ginger can also called Jiang, Jiang was born with the hotter, can warm the spleen. Ginger burns survive the so-called dark Jiang. Black Jiang bitter, often laced copper facilities can warm kidney involvement, inflict fire damage. Peel the ginger is called Jiang packaging diuretic effect. In preparation techniques, ginger can also help physicians achieve some important objectives. Biogeochemical cooked with ginger will lessen the cooler. Sell lowering mechanism with ginger to detoxify. Some other drugs like ginseng, nails ... are often soaked lentils with ginger, star through a warm and leads to increases in vagus.
Some ways to use ginger to treat
Preventing cold after the rain to several hours
20g ginger life.
Ginger lives pound, put in 1 cup of boiling water or hot tea for just enough sugar to make it taste sweet, hot drink at as soon as he got home.
Foreign chilling cold treatment (porridge left)
Ginger lives 10g, 10g spring onions, white pepper 10 seeds. 1 holds rice porridge, is coming down at the living ginger (finely chopped) green onions (cut short) and pepper (crushed stab) on stirring. Eating porridge while still hot. Eaten blanket for sweating.
Cure spell hit soldering or welding room to go lower anesthesia, asthma cough, cold hands and feet denting:
5g dried ginger pulverized, mixed with warm water or hot soup and drink water.
Cure vomiting when train cars:
Sliced ginger life. Sipping ginger suck every bit of life, swallowed slowly until all vomiting.
Hoarseness or loss of voice treatment:
2 white radish roots, ginger slices of life 7. Wash, pounding down the juice squeezed drink 2 or 3 times a day.
Treat nausea during pregnancy
20g ginger alive, smashed, or about 8 grams of dried ginger powder. Put the ginger in a cup of boiling water or hot tea water, can add a little sugar to make it taste.
Cure hit the wind, limb numbness, dizziness, sudden difficulty speaking, paralysis on one side:
40g ginger alive, and convenient 80cc. Ginger lives pound, add a little boiling water, juiced, mixed with copper at the time convenient means warm drinks.
At the cool comfort, nourish yin, maybe except for style, soluble blood stasis, inflict fire damage. At the urine means "between the lines" of the boys from 2 to 10 years old. In fact, in order to gain time at an emergency, can use the urine of family members available at that time. Quit early, leaving late, just grab the middle. With functions spread the swelling of blood and limbs, Christmas atmosphere, of blood, stagnant consumption, relieve pressure in the chest and head area, all drugs "Jiang was born at the facilities" are also used folk experience in a number of cardiovascular diseases such as heart region pain, high blood pressure in the absence of access to a physician.
However, it is important to remember that the symptoms of seizures, or sudden cardiac did not happen that often stems from the previous imbalance of the body. Such positive weld damage prosperity, talks and bare, blood stasis, stagnant air ... So after clearing the immediate symptoms, patients need to be professional physician examination and appropriate treatment to stabilize health long.
Finally, it is worth recalling a popular experience is useful and can be considered as a measure of nursing students eat 1-2 slices of ginger alive after every meal. Living Ginger stimulates digestion just have to lose the scent of food left in the mouth. In addition, the effect "of the air" of ginger also affects the circulation of blood, good impact on the cardiovascular system.
Dried ginger should temper the heat or organs may have inflammation should not be used.

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