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Update: 5/9/2014

Although the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 540 / QD-TTg credit policy for the shrimp and fish. Accordingly, the maximum debt restructuring 36 months, no collection of overdue interest, penalty rates; and consider new loans to farmers to restore production to develop fisheries inspection. The decision has been exporting enterprises and catfish farmers expect, wait. However, in practice many banks reluctant to supply capital for catfish industry.

Businesses and farmers lack capital

Afternoon 6-8, we find the isle Tan Loc (Thot Not, Can Tho), one of the famous fish farming in the Mekong Delta. Previously in Tan Loc isle fish styled "people who fish, the fish house" but now things contrary, fishing is very bleak by chronic losses. Mr. Chuong Van Tu, fish farmers longtime islanders Tan Loc, concerns "over 20 years ago, the family tui is one of the first fish farming households in Tan Loc isle. Back then form small livestock, homemade food ... but the effect is quite high, because the disease is rare so low cost. Later catfish farming area by continuously increasing export market continues to expand. Pangasius is a good development, but due to spontaneous should add to the environmental implications of water resources, lack of capital ... In particular, a few years ago fluctuating fish prices low for farmers to make holes lead to disastrous debt pile, which abandoned ponds rampant ". According to Mr Justice, now has 60% - 70% quit because of shallow household investment. Also on the mood, he Ut He expressed regret seeing jobs catfish impasse. "Across the Mekong River area where there is less favorable natural conditions such as islet Tan Loc, because this place is very cool Hau river, water, suitable for the development of fish. Yet Tan Loc and people are dying because of fish losses. There is so much love my job status desired restore production, but no capital, bank lending restrictions "- He said he Ut.
In Dong Thap, where the country's leading fish farming area, but many are also confused about the status of capital. Mr. Nguyen Van Liem, Thanh Ward live, Hong Ngu town, said: "People of this country to stick with the fish from decades to quit, then unfortunately, still do not have to raise capital. In May 4-2014, heard zoning policies for debt and reinvest that catfish farmers chess opening in the abdomen. However, to date more than 3 months have passed but did not see the bank saying anything. Even overdue households are forced to sell the house, sell the land to pay the bank. This situation makes farmers very difficult. "

Meanwhile, the export processing enterprises also tired of business as production inefficiencies. A business leading export fish in An Giang revealed: "Just look at the price of raw fish only 22,000 VND / kg as the current (last month 21.000- 21,500 VND / kg) is enough to export What size hard. Current series now lacks capacity in terms of capital, leading to lower prices to compete selling fast turnaround funds to maintain plant operations. Taking advantage of the shortage of capital, foreign partners forced down the price of fish, causing hundreds of surface ".

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The difficulty of many banks today are "hugging" a mortgage of factory fish processing enterprises exported as ineffective, while "holding" more ponds of catfish farmers losses to minus bank debt. Catfish are on sale this time no one bought, catfish farming land no one looked to.
There is a paradox that many banks now declared surplus and are willing to invest in the fisheries sector, because this is the strength of the Mekong Delta. But the fact that access to capital is difficult. Mr. Nguyen Van Dao, general director Dang Joint Stock Company, acknowledged: "Although the Government issued Decision 540 slates on which to fish, but the bank has the management of them. Fisheries investigations in recent years many changes, including many businesses have created a default mentality "conservative" from the bank is evident. So, to access bank loans, then businesses must demonstrate effective manufacturing business, with collateral, prestige ... On the contrary, the loan will be extremely difficult. "

Mr. Le Chi Binh, deputy chairman of the Association and farming seafood exporters An Giang, said that the capital needs of large enterprises, but the bank is expressed "cautious" when investing in fish, by many different causes. Due to lack of funds can not decide now pangasius export price, which is largely dependent on its international partners, which makes us always lose.

For farmers are heartbreaking look derelict ponds wasteful, while the strength of the fish they keep on precarious. Mr. Nguyen Van Liem, An Thanh ward, Hong Ngu town, said: "We need capital raising catfish 1ha about 11 billion / services, including feed costs account for over 70%; with a huge amount of money that farmers could not worried well, also looked at the bank will not be so optimistic. The solution now is to link farmers with food production base and export enterprise value chain from production to consumption. Thus we settle the problem of lack of funds. "Mr. Pham Van Interior, Director of Food Co May, support this model, because it is considered the most appropriate direction in a time when many banks flee catfish industry.

According to his party, food factory will supply food for the farmers both through sponsorship of exporters. To harvest fish are now taking fish farmers and feed paying investment for the plant, the excess amount will be paid to farmers. This way, farmers worry about capital light, the plant also will sell food, while ensuring business process is the source of raw material for export. Here's how that all 3 have been beneficial. Once this model operational stability and efficiency, the bank will not hesitate to participate.

According to Vo Ngoc Diep, director of Industrial and Commercial Bank branch in Dong Thap province, currently the bank has disbursed approximately 1.675 billion for aquaculture and fish processing for export. However, borrowers must be chosen carefully. Specifically, the farmers outside the planning area, small animal ... would not be invested, which focused on large-scale farmers with business associates in order to facilitate the management and development of fisheries.
Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors Vietnam warned, fish farming requires large capital, high risk; so if not closely associated with the business should not fish ...

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