Dried pork tendon

Update: 10/9/2014

According to traditional medicine, the potential utility of pork ribs medicine to restore the body after new pain so strong that my mother bought for cooking pork ribs seasoned attributable to the state to quickly regain strength.

When I was young, this is the dish to the burning desire of my heart I wish her ​​every patient to eat pork ribs cooked prospective parent medicine, though at that time my mother sneaking a small bowl to enjoy. Later that wise, asks the know want to make this dish is expensive, it takes several days money markets.
Pork ribs of pork ribs usually follows, taken at just the sausage meat. The front legs are short and hard to get veins, leg veins after long stems about 20 cm - 25 cm, dried out.

First of all, bring pork ribs roasted or grilled charcoal fire, shortened tendons bulging spandex, wash thoroughly with alcohol, to fill the accounting, the pork ribs in boiling cooking, tasting spices to taste. Then cook for medicine in general. Under general Herbalist Nguyen Hong Picture says of the medicine include dioscorea, jujube, ginseng class, patience, character, lotus root, lotus seed ... cooked with pork ribs failure to recover body weakness, weak lungs, aching ...

Do the old fire every medium heat, about 2 hours time, in the bowl of water to boil, when he saw the amount of water remaining quarter are very drug was infused into the pork ribs, referred to cool down. With this dish, the eating of pork ribs, and also medicine, divided into several times a day.

Pork ribs eating crunchy, sticky fats mixed aroma of herbs, sea dotted with fish sauce and chilli shredded very attractive, nostalgic food without knowing bored.

Phuc Loc

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