Arrowroot cultivation at Kim Thanh

Update: 10/9/2014

During the past 10 years, many households in Team Kim Thanh Company Limited Tam Dao industrial agriculture has taken on tree planting cassava on the farm feet high, hard water instead of crops, trees result of low economic efficiency. The boldly in the conversion of plant structure have created a breakthrough in improving the value of income per unit of cultivated area, contributing to improving local people's lives.
By studying to know, to grow cassava people embankment into about 1 meter high mound density 30 mounds / nests, a pit about 30 kg of organic manure and 2-3 kg NPK then placed onto cuttings, seed can avail themselves of cassava leaves from the previous season. After placing cuttings need watering enough moisture inside the frame by making bamboo, cassava cattle wire to wire up, when cassava was closed gantry climbing more fertilizer per 1 kg of potassium root, manioc planting season in May 2-3, after one year it was harvested. This year has been seasons Kudzu was the price so people are excited.
Nguyen Nhu Hoang said his family planted cassava on the original 300 area of ​​3,000 m2, yield 30 kg / original production was estimated at 9 tons, with a farm gate price of cassava is 12,000 VND / kg family he earned nearly 100 million.
Nearly 100 million / year with 3,000 m2 of arable land, a figure that is desirable for all those who work in agriculture, is no less effective than planting vegetables, flowers or other premium. However, planting manioc have very low levels of investment, with little care and hardly use pesticides.
Phu Quy Nguyen family doctor is one of the first households growing cassava in Kim Thanh. Also doctors have explored cassava to cassava flour processing more jobs. Cassava tubers after harvest is washed, shaved and then entered the mill shell, followed by milking stage, filtration, sedimentation, and brought out into the sun. Powder of dried cassava after being packed into plastic bags for storage and consumption for every 10 kg of fresh cassava production are tapioca 2 kg, 1 kg of cassava flour price is 150,000. Thus, not only the production of raw materials, in the form it was a closed process from production - processing and marketing of farm produce.
In addition to family physicians you, Harry, here are a dozen other families are also engaged in cultivation and production of cassava flour, cassava growing area in the region which is also on the increase. To date, the total area planted with cassava in Kim Thanh on about 5 ha, due to this plant's many families had to eat and shopping is expensive living facilities. For cassava cultivation in Kim Thanh people develop sustainable proposals: Agricultural Company Limited Tam Dao industry mechanism production allocated land for stable long-term residents; research agencies to support cassava flour processing technology in the form of mechanization in all stages to improve hygiene, product quality, and build brand labels for products
Kudzu plants has become an important factor in helping many households enrichment Kim Thanh, think this model is also suitable for many people the midlands, other hills in the province we ./.

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