Corn silage for export

Update: 11/9/2014

Body corn (maize) harvest (especially corn collection corn) accounted for a very large volume. To effectively utilize these byproducts, many grassroots farmers as well as conducted silage corn stalks create a reserve food supply is good for cattle and buffaloes. Stems, leaves, corn silage with urea and salt are good foods rich in nutrients, especially protein, not brewed a lot more than the long-term storage. Pigs, cattle lon.han loves to eat fast greens. Currently our company has collected this product at prestigious institutions, quality assurance to our customers.

1 The advantage of this food is:
 Rich in nutrients, high in protein than raw food, green.
 Increased appetite for Sale cattle, pigs
 Incentive digestion, additional microorganisms in the rumen of ruminant animals such as cattle and buffaloes
 Improving the quality of food, contributing to increased milk production
 Cattle eating silage extra fat they are healthy, fast growing, good plowing and save the concentrate supplement.
 low cost, reduced labor.
2 The quality assessment:
 acid pleasant aroma.
 yellow green salt melons reform, not memnhung.
 The sour not bitter and harsh.
 There is no mold.

Product composition details:

 90% of corn plants, seeds, stems and cobs + 10% pineapple skin
 Maximum Humidity: 70%
 Crude Protein: 3%
 maximum crude ASH: 4%
 ADF: 11.5%
 NDF: 22.5%

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