Applying technology to produce fermented pickles for export.

Update: 12/9/2014

      Cucumber is a vegetable widely consumed at home and abroad and is an agricultural product can be eaten fresh, pickled or salted are very tasty. Cucumbers have diuretic effect by 96% ingredients are water, effective prevention and treatment of diseases such as regulating blood pressure, cardiac reserve excessive stress, hardening of the stronger. . . Pickled cucumbers are processed using 3 methods according to fermentation products accounted for 40% of Americans, 40% pasteurization method and cold method 20%. If shipped from distant places, between cold fresh cucumber or pickled in brine for distribution in far more places.
        Currently in Hai Duong Province, about 7 enterprise processing agricultural exports are producing and exporting pickles. The pickles products exporting in recent times has made good progress, the product has been gradually diversifying, but the pickles products are mainly exported under the old technology is salt. The volume of goods pickles Hai Duong province in recent years have made ​​progress last year, but overall the market for this product is still mainly Taiwan, China, Malaysia. . . volume in 2009 reached 2100 tons.
        In recent years, JSC processing agricultural products exported Hai Duong (CPCBNSTPXK) has gradually arrangements, renew apparatus, changes in processing technology and has earned a certain number of achievements production and processing of agricultural products, particularly products pickles. 2006 to 2008, now exported to China, Taiwan, Japan. . . about 4300 tons of commodities products salted cucumbers. However, salted cucumber goods less competitive ability, the ability to penetrate the huge market potential can not be realized. Currently, businesses are using a system, process technology since 1996 salt salt tank farm produce approximately 10,000 tons / year. In this volume tanks for processing items cucumber products 2,000 tons / year. The process of using this system for the processing of agricultural products occurs incidents damaged goods, poor product quality and design unsightly, labor consuming and discharged the function high salt intake leads to lower export value. Therefore, the Company has applied CPCBNSTPXK fermentation technology to produce goods pickles products ensure the quality standards of goods for export. The company has contacted the medical Mascatus QED Inc. (Canada) receiver technology pickles produced by fermentation technology (also known as salted). Fresh cucumber materials are put through the cleaning machine to remove dust cup, flower stalks and garbage. . . with little friction and wind power in the engine cleaned and converted into 3 categories sorter products are: cucumber, cucumber centriole, great for cucumbers suitable for the fermentation process.
      According to Nguyen Thanh Dau - Director of Hai Duong CPCBNSTPXK with this new technology just put cucumbers were classified into mild compression tank with bamboo and concrete grill to the saline injected into the entire volume of melon under water for about 10 to 20cm. Solution with a salt content of 10 to 13% is a favorable environment for lactic bacteria appeared. Calcium Supplement 1800 to 2400 ppm in a solution to keep the crispness of the watermelon. Daily check the salt concentration in the solution and keep the salt concentration in the solution ranges from 6 to 8% during the fermentation process to ensure stable fermentation in melon. Every 2 days, adding 1% salt by the method of solid salt into the circulatory watershed processes. During fermented whey will appear on the surface scum should be picked daily to reduce the appearance of yeast and mold damage to the product. Also during fermented always circulating pump saline to ensure always-soluble salts. With the company's technology Marcatus QED Inc., Canada with the assistance of the experts, the pickles can be stored 2 years.
         Technology fermented for product recovery rate higher salt technology. If a ton of raw cucumber when applied technology only 500kg salt pickles products accounted for 50% of the technology fermented for up to 90%. Product quality fermented pickles are more stable, keep fruit shape without wrinkling, distortion, color and taste also meet the needs of customers better, prolonged storage time more products salted cucumbers. However, processing of raw products into consumer products of fermented pickles simpler, less expensive than the price salty pickles pickles export of higher maternal salted cucumber . So the price of 1 ton of product fermented pickles higher than the price of 1 ton of product salty pickles from 3 to 6 million, depending on the type. Technology pickled cucumbers and salt but with preservation process more complex but higher economic efficiency and minimize negative environmental impact. The process of salt discharged to 48% of the salt brine after 1st melon to create finished products while salt fermentation process uses almost all of this water to shut exports.
        Prior to the effectiveness of salt fermentation technology, CPCBNSTPXK Hai Duong Company will continue to coordinate with several departments to study and develop a number of technologies related agricultural products exported to create new breakthroughs technology to increase the value of goods, increase the competitiveness of products in the market.


Ninh Hai Pham
Department of Science and Technology, Hai Duong Province

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