Growing eggplant for exports

Update: 12/9/2014

According to her son, eggplant planted about 2 months after starting continuous harvest 4-6 months. If well cared for, can be collected about 40 tons of fruit / ha.

Farmers Bung Rieng Commune (Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau) is very excited to finally, they have found new ways to contribute to improving the lives, increase incomes. It is planted eggplant vegetable patches replace the type impurities.

His garden eggplant Castings


Mr Nguyen Van Thiet, chairman Bung Rieng Commune Farmer said: Incidentally I know a household inside the Ho Tram (Phuoc Thuan Commune, Xuyen Moc) 2 hectares planted eggplant Coast Company (HCMC) to exports to the Japanese market. I went for trials on a small plot, after the fruit trees, we invited Japanese experts on the check. They left for sampling and testing soil samples, after the results, they said in Bung Rieng land is suitable for eggplant and nodded product consumption.

Then Farmers Support Centre Province stood out as an intermediary in the contract between the Company eggplant Coastal and farmers in Bung Rieng. Contract 3 sides - 4 house (3 sides are farmers, collectors and local representatives, 4 houses were farmers, governments, businesses and scientists) have been signed. After signing the contract, the Company directly Coast provide seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to farmers.

Eggplant is actually growing in popularity everywhere, but the few people in Ba Ria initial planting, the farmers faced many difficulties. Fortunately, it's not hard to take care of plants. In addition, the Support Center or provincial farmers would an engineer down, guiding her children daily care, from fertilizers, medicines used to treat pest management standards should VietGAP plants grow very good and are harvested with high yields. Currently Bung Rieng commune had more than 7 hectares eggplant.


We visited his garden eggplant Castings in Hamlet 3, Bung Rieng Commune when he had just finished picking fruit during the day. Today he picked on an area of ​​nearly 90 Up 3 pole beans. Only in a plastic basket filled with coffee fruit purple shell, all shiny and pretty, he said Capacitors: Growing eggplant not much different from corn, potato, tapioca. After soaking seeds from 2-3 days, germination, seed removed should be sterilized, this time to note the temperature, is the most suitable from 25 - 30oC. Approximately 1 month later, when the new 20cm tall trees growing on the land.

Capacitor eggplant he just finished harvesting

According Capacitor, pay attention to the soil porosity, drainage trench. Moderate density planting, 1,000 trees / ha. Growing eggplant does not take a lot of care, less investment expenses and profits than other crops. From planting to harvest time is about 2 months, if you take good care of the life of the tree can be up to 7-8 months, there was not 4-5 months.

Chat with her ​​children, is known, the Japanese market is very difficult. They left to reach the required standard in size (length 5-6 cm, 30-35 left / kg), smooth color ... should be observed in order to harvest the fruit at the right time is very important. "Initially, people should generally not used for long left 8-9 cm of fresh (also some people think a little bigger to add up, more money), they blame should not be selling prices. Currently she has the experience in this already, "said Equipment.

No. 7 in the morning, Bung Rieng Commune People's Committee office again crowded out on. That's what farmers are growing organic vegetable attending classes by the communal farmers in collaboration with Center Support provincial farmer organizations.

"With the new plant varieties such as eggplant, when families apply for the model, the Centre appointed technical staff survey, coordinated implementation, monitoring closely for timely assistance in technical measures planted during the test, "said Nguyen Van Thiet.
According to her son, eggplant planted about 2 months after starting continuous harvest 4-6 months. If well cared for, can be collected about 40 tons of fruit / ha. With price "buckets" of 6,500 VND / kg, a 260 ha can be obtained million, of which only about 30 million cost. There, the company purchased them set too demanding. If satisfactory type 1 is left to the right size, color, weight (5 cm long, weighs 3 grams).

Setting his house this 3 pole planting, picking one day average is 100 kg shrinkage, but only ever select nearly 10 kg category 1, but the majority of Type 2 Type 1 VND 10,000 / kg, while type 2 6000 VND / kg. Furthermore, if the classification is left too big, or deep rough bark disqualified. So he accepted solution equipment is sold "buckets". So also acceptable although still somewhat forced.

Nguyen Van Hien, 32, of Hamlet 2, 3 perches over eggplant grown, said: I saw this tree, although the disease was as common as fruit borer, green hoppers, aphids and white, wilt, powdery mildew, fruit rot ... but the planting, care and simplicity, to be supported technically free, stable output, the results are very encouraging. So far my average daily harvest of about 25 kg / sao. Every 2 days the company to purchase 1 times. Every time I sell them about 150 kg, shrinkage million silver collection.

By Hong Thuy -

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